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Interlibrary Loan: Submitting a request

Step 1: Begin at the UM Libraries homepage:

University of Mississippi Libraries homepage


Step 2: Scroll down to select the Interlibrary Loan quicklink.

quicklinks list with Interlibrary loan circled


Step 3: Type in your WebID and password and click Logon to ILLiad.

Interlibrary loan login box


Step 4: Click New Requests. Then, select the type of item you would like to request. 



Step 5: When requesting an article fill out as much information as you know about the article. All articles are delivered electronically within 48 hours. You will be notified when your article is available to download.



Step 6: When requesting to borrow a book, fill out as much information as you know about the book. Depending on where we borrow the book, this process may take up to 3 weeks. You will be notified when your requested books are available for pick-up. 



Step 7: If you would like to recommend a book for our library to purchase, click Purchase Request, and fill in the information. Purchase requests may take over a month to process. You will be notified if your purchase request has been fulfilled. 



Step 8: If you have questions about making an Interlibrary loan request not answered by this page you can visit the ILL page for additional information, Ask a Librarian,  or visit one of the UM Libraries' public service desks.

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