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Social Explorer: Tables

Step 1: Go to Then look under DATABASES and click on "S".

University of Mississippi Libraries homepage with Databases and S circled


Step 2: Scroll down the list of databases and click Social Explorer.

Social Explorer Link


Step 3: On the landing page, click Tables in the menu on the left.

Social Explorer landing page r


Step 4: Choose your dataset. The most popular datasets are the American Community Surveys and the U.S. Decennial Census, however, there are several additional dataset options.

For this example, click on the American Community Survey (5-Year Estimates).

List of datasets available


Step 5: Click Begin Report by the dataset year you want to use.

Begin Report


Step 6: Now create the report.

First, choose the geographic area. Click the arrow in the box to see the drop down menu of geographies. Keep in mind that you can mix your geographic types (i.e. choose a state, Mississippi, a county, Lafayette county, and a place, Oxford).

geographic drop down menu


For this example, click States, click on a state, and click the ADD button.

drop down menu of states


Once you have the geographies you want in the box, click Proceed to Tables.

proceed to tables button


Step 7: Select the tables you want and click add. You can add as many tables as you like.

list of tables


After you've added your tables to the box, click Show Results.

Show results button


Step 8: Scroll down to see the results table. To download and save your data click the Excel tab at the top of the screen.

Results table and Excel button



Step 9: Select your options and download.

Excel download options


Step 10: Remember if you need help you can always Ask A Librarian via chat or visit one of the UM Libraries' public service desks.


You are welcome to share any of this information with others.  If you are a librarian or educator, you are welcome to use this guide and its contents for your own purposes.