Library Tutorials

Searching using Google Scholar

Step 1: Go to Click on the Google Scholar tab. This will allow us to search for scholarly research from sources such as: articles, theses, books, and more. 

Google Scholar tab


Step 2: Type your search terms into the search box and press enter. In this example, we are going to search for "football concussions."

football concussions search terms


Step 3: We got over 20,000 results! We can use the limiters on the left hand side to narrow the search by time. Also, we can sort the results list by relevance or by date.  

Google Scholar results list with limiters


Step 4: To access the full text of an item thought UM Libraries, click Full-Text @ U Mississippi.

Not every result in Google Scholar will be available through UM Libraries. Some items will be available through other places such as government (.gov) or non-UM university websites (.edu).   

Full-text links


Step 5: Click the quotation marks to generate a citation for the article. 

citation button

You can copy and paste the citation into your bibliography, reference list, or works cited page.

citation of example article in multiple citation styles


Step 6: Click on Cited by to see other publications that have cited this article.

cited by button

Attribution and Sharing

You are welcome to share any of this information with others.  If you are a librarian or educator, you are welcome to use this guide and its contents for your own purposes.