Library Tutorials

BrowZine allows users to view the University of Mississippi Libraries' digital, peer-reviewed, full-text journals.


Step 1: Start at the UM Libraries' home page: Under "Databases", select "B" for BrowZine.

University of Mississippi Libraries homepage with databases circled


Step 2: Scroll down the list of databases and click on BrowZine. You will be prompted to login with your WebID and password.

List of databases under B with an arrow pointing to BrowZine


Step 3: To search for journals in BrowZine either type a journal title, subject, or ISSN into the search box OR click on one of the subject areas under the search box. Due to the limitations of the search box users often find drilling down using the subject area categories to be more productive.

For this example, we will search for education journals, select Social Science and Behavioral Science from under Browse Subjects.

BrowZine landing page with Social Science and Behavioral Science circled


Step 4: Click on Education.

BrowZine Social Science and Behavioral Science page with Education circled


Step 5: You can select subdisciplines within your category. Here we will select Disability and Special Needs Education.

A list of education subdisciplines and journals with Disability and Special Needs Education circled


Step 6: From here, you can select individual titles. Click on the Exceptional Children journal.

A list of journals under Disability and Special Needs Education with journal Exceptional Children circled


Step 7: BrowZine displays articles in the most current issue, but you can change the year by selecting the year you want from the list on the left side of the page.

Articles within the most recent issue of the journal with journal issues circled


Step 8: To see the full-text article, click on the title. Click Racing Against the Vocabulary Gap: Matthew Effects in Early Vocabulary Instruction and Intervention.

A list of articles within the issue with the articles Racing Against the Vocabulary Gap circled


Step 9: A new tab will open with access to the full-text article. This screen changes based on the journal, but simply look for the links to "download pdf ".

Article page with the download pdf button circled


Step 10: Remember if you need help you can always Ask a Librarian or visit one of the UM Libraries' public service desks.

Attribution and Sharing

You are welcome to share any of this information with others.  If you are a librarian or educator, you are welcome to use this guide and its contents for your own purposes.