Library Tutorials

Connecting Google Scholar to UM Libraries

Step 1: Open Google Scholar,, and click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner to open the menu.

Google Scholar Settings bar


Step 2: Click on Settings at the bottom of the list.

Settings tool


Step 3: Click Library links.

Library links setting option


Step 4: Type University of Mississippi in the Search bar and click the search button.

Library Search bar


Step 5: Click University of Mississippi - Full Text @ U Mississippi. 

list of library access links


Step 6: Click Save.

Save button


Step 7: Let's test it out. Type football concussions in the Search box.

Google Scholar search box



Step 8: Now you can click Full-Text @ U Mississippi and get a link to the full text of the item on the library's website.

Full-Tex @ U Mississippi link

Attribution and Sharing

You are welcome to share any of this information with others.  If you are a librarian or educator, you are welcome to use this guide and its contents for your own purposes.