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Interlibrary Loan: Setting up your account (Regional/Distance Campus)

The University of Mississippi Libraries Interlibrary Loan Service provides faculty, staff, and students with research materials not available in the University Libraries collections.


Step 1: Begin at the UM Libraries homepage:

University of Mississippi Libraries homepage


Step 2: Scroll down to select the Interlibrary Loan quicklink.

quicklinks list with Interlibrary loan circled


Step 3: Type in your WebID and password and click Logon to ILLiad.

Interlibrary loan login box


Step 4: Click Change User Information to set up your borrowing profile.

Left hand tool bar with Change User Information circled


Step 5: Add your contact information. Anything with an asterisk (*) beside it is a required field.

Change Personal Information form


Step 6: The ID number is the 14-digit barcode on your UM photo ID.

ID Number field


Step 7: For the Preferred Loan Delivery Method select Mail to Address from the drop down menu. The borrowed item will NOT be mailed to your home address, it will be sent to your regional campus of choice.

Preferred Loan Delivery Method field


Step 8: Be sure to choose the status that applies to you. If you are an undergraduate student at a regional campus you will choose Distance Undergrad.

Status field


Step 9: For Delivery Location, choose the regional campus location you attend from the drop down menu.

Delivery Location field


Step 10: Click Submit Information. Now you're ready to request items.

Submit Information button

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