eGrove User Guide

Content for Graduate Students

The library retains all copies of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) from the Graduate School after they are submitted to ProQuest. Non-embargoed ETDs are posted to eGrove, where they are visible to the public. For information on the pros and cons of embargoing theses and dissertations, consult the Embargoes guidelines.

In addition to your thesis or dissertation, you are welcome to submit the following scholarship:

Conference papers and/or posters.

Creative works such as text, photo, or video.

Law reports

Lectures and presentations from classes and events.

Meeting minutes for University-affiliated groups.

Pre-prints, published articles, and books (with permission of publisher or copyright holder).

Reports, including student or class projects.

Research data from grant-funded projects.

Teaching materials created for UM courses.

Materials can be submitted through the Submit Research page on eGrove. The Digital Initiatives Librarian will work with you to create an accession plan. You can either submit a one-time deposit (for past creations, like a creative work) or set up serial deposits (for ongoing materials, like a journal or lecture series).

If you would like to submit an item that is not in the above categories, email to inquire.

Why is my thesis or dissertation on eGrove?

University of Mississippi Libraries retains copies of each thesis and dissertation submitted to the Graduate School and makes non-embargoed documents freely available. In November 2018, an e-mail notification was sent to alumni of the Graduate School (2010-2018) to announce the addition of non-embargoed electronic theses and dissertations to the eGrove repository, including ETDs whose embargo expired prior to November 2018. The email included the opportunity to opt out if they did not wish to participate. Non-embargoed electronic theses and dissertations published after 2018 are automatically submitted to eGrove for upload.

eGrove provides open access to the intellectual output of the University, and electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are a valuable component of student work.

Please send an email to if...

  • would like your work removed from eGrove.
  • would like to add or extend an embargo on your work.
  • ...your thesis or dissertation is not on eGrove and you would like it added.

My thesis or dissertation is not on eGrove. Can it be uploaded?

Yes. Theses and dissertations written prior to 2010 were not included in the initial ingest process. Currently, plans are being made to digitize all theses and dissertations submitted to the Graduate School. If your thesis has not been digitized, but you would like for it to be moved up in the digitization queue for inclusion on eGrove, please email