eGrove User Guide


How to Use This Guide

The Guidelines provide information on access, copyright, preservation, and more.

The sections in the sidebar cover topics specific to one's university affiliation, including what kind of content can be submitted and any special considerations that need to be taken when submitting and publishing research. Click on your university affiliation to learn more.

The Submission Instructions provide a step-by-step guide on submitting content to eGrove.

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eGrove User Guide

Visit the University of Mississippi's digital institutional repository where you will find resources for research, scholarship, learning and teaching. We welcome you to contribute your own work by following the guidelines on this website. If you have questions or require assistance, you can reach us at

Introduction to eGrove

eGrove, the University of Mississippi’s Institutional Repository, provides free online access to the intellectual output of researchers at the University of Mississippi, and promotes its dissemination in an archive. This may include, but is not limited to open educational resources, open access journals, theses and dissertations, university archives, data sets, images, conferences and symposia, scholarly papers and articles. eGrove contains materials selected by participating departments, schools, centers, and institutes at the University of Mississippi (UM) and is administered by UM Libraries. eGrove is freely available to researchers worldwide.

Any University of Mississippi current faculty or staff member, student, research unit, department, lab, center, institute, or organization or affiliate ("unit") is eligible to participate in eGrove. Student organizations are eligible with faculty sponsorship. Alumni and others closely affiliated with the university may request permission from the University Libraries to submit materials.

Eligible depositors will submit full texts of their publication, although they may choose to delay making the publication publicly visible to comply with publishers' embargos. Authors may request removal of a paper or a specific version of a paper. Authors may also provide an updated version for posting. Errata and corrigenda lists may be included with the original record.

Benefits of Participating

Contributing your scholarship to eGrove:

  • Supports the preservation and dissemination of the University of Mississippi’s intellectual output.
  • Provides increased visibility, availability, and use of your scholarship.
  • Supports open access initiatives.
  • Gives you detailed metrics on your work, including views, downloads, and both geographic and institutional reach.