eGrove User Guide

Submitting Content to eGrove

Currently, all submissions to eGrove are mediated by site administrators. Email if you have any questions about the submission process.

To submit your research to eGrove:

1) On eGrove's homepage, click Submit Research in the left-hand column.

2) Determine whether your research falls under an existing collection or series or whether a new collection needs to be created.

  • If a new collection or series needs to be created, proceed to the bottom of this page for instructions.

3) If your research is part of an existing collection or series, click the appropriate hyperlink.

4) Fill out the form and include pertinent information such as the type of research, the title, what type of files you're submitting, and approximately how many files are included in the collection.

5) You will be asked to create an account.

6) After you submit, an eGrove administrator will contact you about uploading your files and corresponding metadata.


To create a new collection or series in eGrove:

1) Fill out the institutional repository interest form.

2) An eGrove administrator will contact you about your content, and will work with our vendor (bepress) to set up the appropriate structure(s) to best display your content.