eGrove User Guide

Content for Individual Employees

Individual faculty, staff, researchers, and administrators may submit the following content for inclusion in eGrove:

Conference materials. Hosting a conference at Ole Miss? Reach out to learn about how your conference website can be hosted on eGrove.

Creative works by students or faculty -- text, photo, or video.

Journals published at or edited by the University of Mississippi.

Law reports

Meeting minutes for University-affiliated groups.

Recorded lectures and presentations from speakers and events.

Pre-prints, published articles, and books (with permission of publisher or copyright holder).

Open educational resources such as textbooks or supplementary materials.

Reports, including student or class projects.

Research data from grant-funded projects.

Teaching materials created for UM courses.

University-sponsored event materials, such as fliers, posters, and photographs.

Unpublished articles.

Materials can be submitted through the Submit Research page on eGrove. The Digital Initiatives Librarian will work with you to create an accession plan. You can either submit a one-time deposit (for past creations, like a creative work) or set up serial deposits (for ongoing materials, like a journal or lecture series).

If you would like to submit an item that is not in the above categories, email to inquire.