eGrove User Guide

Recommended File Formats

eGrove accepts all file formats for ingest. However, to support accessibility, file stability, and long-term preservation efforts, we recommend submitting files in the following formats:

Textual Formats File Extension(s)                          
PDF/A .pdf
Plain Text^ .txt
XML^ .xml

Other textual formats, including .doc, .xls, and .ppt, are automatically converted to PDF when uploaded to eGrove. When files are converted to .pdf, retention of formatting is not guaranteed. Converting your own documents to PDF is recommended.

Image Formats File Extension(s)


JPG .jp2 (lossless), .jpg (if best copy)
PNG .png
SVG 1.1^  .svg
DXF^ .dxf
3-D Objects^ .stl, .obj , .dae, IGES, .stp/.step
Audio Formats File Extension(s)                      
MP3 V0 .mp3
WAV .wav
AIFF .aiff
Moving Image Formats File Extension(s)                                               
MPEG-4 AVC .mp4
QuickTime .mov
AVI  .avi
Datasets              File Extension(s)
CSV .csv
Shapefile^ .shp, .shx, .dbf, optional extensions
KML/KMZ^ .kml, .kmz
Website Formats File Extension(s)                             
WARC^ .warc

 ^Will not render in browser. Download only.

There is a 15 GB size limit per file. If you need assistance compressing large-format video files, eGrove administrators are available to help. For all other files over 15 GB, please contact

Structures over 1,000 items will be assessed by eGrove administrators to determine whether they can be broken into smaller groups.

Items deposited in eGrove will remain continuously accessible in their original formats. However, older formats may lose some functionality or become obsolete as technology changes. We strongly recommend the above file extensions for their stability and accessibility. For more information, see the Data Management guidelines.