eGrove User Guide

Previously Published Works

If I've published my work with another journal, publishing house, etc., can my publication go into eGrove?

To submit previously published work to eGrove, it is important to know whether your copyright permissions allow it. Each publisher has different requirements; some allow you to openly share your work after a set period of time, while others allow the pre-print of an article to be shared at any point. Carefully read your publishing agreement and review the publisher or journal website to determine whether posting to eGrove is an option.

The SHERPA/RoMEO database allows you to search journal titles to learn more about their publisher copyright policies and self-archiving.

Any work published "open access" may be submitted to eGrove. For more information on open access, read the Open Access LibGuide.

Pre-Print, Post-Print, and Version of Record

What version of your article do you want to post?

Drafts of works from different phases of publication, called the pre-print, post-print, and version of record, can have different copyright allowances. Even if your work is published in a closed access journal, you may be able to upload the pre- or post-print to eGrove. Read your publishing agreement and the publisher’s website to see how this applies to your work.

Pre-print: The author's original manuscript. This is the original version submitted to a journal, before peer review and formatting.

Post-print: The accepted manuscript. This is the version submitted for publication after peer review and revisions but before formatting.

Version of Record: The manuscript as it appears in a journal. This version has the journal's formatting, logo, and name.