How do I find . . . ?

Full-text articles?

Many articles are available full-text in the library's databases. If an article is not full-text, then select the "Find It" link, which searches whether the library has a print copy of the article, or if the article is full-text in another library database. Alternatively, you can submit an interlibrary loan when the article is not available through other means. 

Peer-reviewed journal articles?

If you want to know whether a specific journal title is peer-reviewed, use Cabell's Directory or visit the journal's website online. If you are not interested in any particular journal title but simply want peer-reviewed articles, then use a database and limit your results to "peer-reviewed". Be aware, however, that not all items in a peer-reviewed journal are actually peer-reviewed (i.e. editorials). You can locate Cabell's and other databases by selecting the articles and databases tab above.

Books and ebooks in education?

On the library homepage, use the Catalog to search for books and ebooks by topic or title. Use the library maps to find the location of a call number in the print collection in the library.

Mezzanine A?

Many of the education books are located on Mezzanine A, which is accessible from the Lyceum side of the building. Ask at the circulation desk next to Starbucks for directions to the stairway to the Mezzanines.

Educational tests and assessments?

Select the Mental Measurements Yearbook under the articles and databases tab above. This print/online series reviews commercially available tests and surveys. It contains descriptions and reviews to many current instruments such as DIBELS and Accuplacer. To locate actual instruments, use a specialized database (such as PsycINFO or ERIC) to retrieve articles where the instrument is provided (most often in the appendix). 

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