Education Resources for K-12

Guide to library resources for making lesson plans, developing curricula, and finding sources suitable for K-12 students

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Find Articles with Lesson Plans

These are the premier education databases; filter your search by adding keywords such as "lesson plans" or lesson plan* or lesson planning or curriculum planning

How do I find . . . ?

Journal articles that include lesson plans?

Use the databases listed above (ERIC, PDC, TRC) and Include keywords such as lesson plans, curriculum, teaching guide, or instructional materials.

Articles and images suitable for K-12 students?

To find articles and images appropriate for K-12 students, use the databases in the tab above "K-12 Databases."

Books that include lesson plans and ideas?

Use the catalog and include keywords such as curriculum planning or teaching. Many subject headings use a format similar to this one:  "mathematics--study and teaching--United States."

Children's books?

Use the catalog advanced search, and limit materials to "Juvenile Collection." This collection is located on the first floor of the library.

Mezzanine A?

Many of the education books are located on Mezzanine A, which is accessible from the Lyceum side of the building. Ask at the circulation desk next to Starbucks for directions to the stairway to the Mezzanines.

Full-text articles?

Many articles are available full-text in the library's databases. If an article is not full-text, then select the "Find It" link, which searches whether the library has a print copy of the article, or if the article is full-text in another library database. Alternatively, you can submit an interlibrary loan when the article is not available through other means.