If you are a new School of Pharmacy student, doing/understanding the following items can help you more effectively use the library. Additional resources are listed on the Pharmacy Resources tab. If you ever have questions, please contact Jocelyn Tipton ( or Brian Young (

Things To Know

  1. The Science Library is located on the first floor of Thad Cochran Research Center (take a left after entering main entrance, on your right). Seating available if you want a space to do work. And Brian Young's office is located here if you want face-to-face assistance.
  2. In order to use library resources, you will need to be authenticated. The easiest way to do this is to access the resource through the library. You can also use the UMissMe bookmarklet, which will allow you to authenticate any page using a link in your browser bookmarks.
  3. Never pay for an article (unless you just absolutely need to have it right now). Use the library's interlibrary loan (ILL) service to obtain any article for free. General rule of thumb: if you request in the morning (Monday-Friday), you will have it in the afternoon. If you request in the afternoon, you will have it the morning of the next business day (i.e., our ILL department does not work on weekends).

    Interlibrary loan is important for how we provide access to our users: the library does not have immediate access to everything, but there are very few things we cannot get through ILL. The login information for your ILL account is the same as your UM id/password.

    The first time you log into your ILL account, you will be asked to complete a form (contact information, preferred pickup location for books, etc.)
  4. Librarians available via chat 9am - 7pm (Monday through Thurday) and 9am - 1pm (Friday). This service can be good for getting quick answers related to library policies, confirming if a resource is not working for everyone, locating an article or book, etc. Other questions (or if you're hoping for a response outside of these hours) should be referred to Brian Young ( or Jocelyn Tipton (

Things to do

  1. Some School of Pharmacy students will use the Scifinder database. This database is different than almost all other library databases: you must create a separate registration with the company, and you must be proxied (identified as a University of Mississippi user) when you do it. 

    Use this link to create your registered account. And then use this link (also available on the Library Databases page, as well as the Pharmacy Resources tab on this guide) to access the database.
  2. If you use Google Scholar, you should consider configuring your Google Scholar account to recognize you as a University of Mississippi affiliate. This will allow Google Scholar to recognize you may have access to an article through UM Libraries.

    Google Scholar menu --> Settings --> Library Links --> Type University of Mississippi

    Using this link will also alert Google Scholar that you are affiliated with UM.
  3. Use a citation management software to manage your reference materials. I personally use Zotero, and one of our librarians (Savannah Kelly) has created a useful guide to help you get started. Reasons I personally use Zotero (some of these applicable to other software as well):
    1. Instantly save journal articles to citation manager via browser plugin
    2. Easy to created share folders for collaborative projects
    3. Cloud-based (and desktop client), which allows access to references from any location (helpful if you work from multiple computers)
    4. Automatically configure references in paper (via Word plugin), or can create a bibliography for all items in a specific folder.
    5. Connect account to your UM Box account, and you will be able to store PDF copies of your articles that are fully accessible from anywhere.

How can I help?

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Jocelyn Tipton
JD Williams Library
Administration Suite - 312C

Librarian Contact

I (Brian Young) am the School of Engineering Library Liaison, as well as the library collection strategist. If you need any assistance, please contact me through email at

I can assist with:

  • using any of the databases listed on this guide
  • the library acquiring books for your research
  • Creating tutorials for School of Pharmacy classes