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William Faulkner (Archives): Publications & Criticism

Uncataloged Published Works by William Faulkner

The University of Mississippi Archives and Special Collections holds a substantial and expanding number of items in which William Faulkner has contributed. View all published works by Faulkner housed in Special Collections

Faulkner Periodicals Collection: University of Mississippi Yearbooks in which Faulkner appeared and illustrated as well as copies of The Scream, a University of Mississippi student magazine, for which Faulkner illustrated. Also includes a collection of published articles written by William Faulkner.

Faulkner Small Manuscripts
Series XVIII: Reviews and Publicity Items by William Faulkner, contain pressbooks, advertisements, promotional kits and reviews concerning published works by and about Faulkner.
Series XVII: Publicity, Galleys and Manuscripts for Publications contains proofs of abandoned Random House publication on drawings by Stephen Longstreet for the Red Badge of Courage with an introduction by Faulkner.
Series XIX: Faulkner Broadsides contains multiple editions of "To the Voters of Oxford" as well as a 1997 printing of Faulkner's Nobel Prize speech.

The Mississippian: William Faulkner Contributions to the Mississippian, 1919-1925, have been compiled into one volume; however, the University also owns the complete run of the Mississippian, viewable on microfilm in the Media Department, continued in 1968 as the Daily Mississippian

The Southern Reposure: racial moderate P.D. East (newspaper editor of the Petal Paper) and novelist William Faulkner wrote the only issue of this 1956 Mississippi lampoon newspaper geared towards college students. The headline "Eastland Elected by NAAAPZ as Outstanding Man of Year" poked fun of U.S. Senator James O. Eastland. (Small Manuscripts: b1982.5f2)

Yoknapatawpha Press Collection.  1979-1992.  Contains materials related to Yoknapatawpha Press, a southern regional small press in Oxford, Mississippi.  Includes several folders related to author William Faulkner (1 box).

Cataloged Published Works concerning William Faulkner

The University of Mississippi Archives and Special Collections holds a substantial and expanding number of items about William Faulkner. View all published works concerning Faulkner housed in Special Collections.


Barbour Family Memoirs: include transcript of the comments made by Kathryn L. Barbour (19 January 1898-November 1995) on William Faulkner in the 1920s.

Louis Daniel Brodsky Small Manuscripts: collection of manuscripts for Faulkner scholar Louis Daniel Brodsky's "Mississippi Vistas" and "Mistress Mississippi" as well as correspondence regarding "Mississippi Vistas"

Louis Cochran Collection: typescript drafts of an article entitled "William Faulkner: a personal sketch" by Cochran.

Shelby Foote Small Manuscripts: "One Sunday in Mississippi", Newsweek 28 June 1999 , concerns Foote's friendship with Faulkner and Faulkner's desire for anonymity.

Faulkner Funereal Newspapers: assorted issues newspapers from Mississippi concerning the 1962 death of William Faulkner; part of the Boxed Newspaper collection.

Faulkner Periodicals Collection: includes a collection of magazine and newspaper articles concerning William Faulkner.

Faulkner Small Manuscripts
Series XVI: Meta Carpenter contains the typescript for A Loving Gentleman: The Love Story of William Faulkner and Meta Carpenter, written by Faulkner's former lover.
Series XVII: Publicity, Galleys and Manuscripts for Publications about Faulkner contain promotional kits and reviews concerning published works by and about Faulkner. Also contains "A Tribute to William Faulkner", annotated typescript by Larry Brown
Series XIX: Faulkner Broadsides contains a memorial broadside.
Series XXI Literary Criticism about Faulkner and Series XXII, Japanese Faulkner Studies, include typescript and published literary criticism and bibliographic work. A significant portion of these materials are in foreign languages, primarily Japanese, German and French.

Paul Flowers Collection: includes clippings from the Commercial Appeal and other periodicals concerning Faulkner and various pieces of printed ephemera.

From the Jungle to the Arctic 1991. Galloway, David E. From the Jungle to the Arctic; memoirs contain reminisces of Faulkner

Evans B. Harrington Collection: university of Mississippi English Professor and Director of the Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference, Harrington studied and published on Faulkner. This collection contains both his work and that of other scholars.

Meriwether Collection: typescripts, notes, drafts and clippings related to James B. Meriwether's Lion in the garden: interviews with William Faulkner, 1926-1962

The Michigan Railfan 1995. The Michigan Railfan. vol. 32, no. 7 (July 1972) published by the Michigan Railroad Club. This issue's cover story is about Col. W.C. Falkner's Ripley, Ship Island and Kentucky Railroad. Also included are photocopies of newspaper articles concerning Chancey Joseph Rogers, the sculptor who crafted Col. W.C. Falkner's likeness for his tomb (1938, 1959); and an article on the dramatic performance of "Ripley Rebel," a historical pageant (1971).

"Miss Robbie Eades Shares Knowledge of Old Oxford" 22 August 1968 article in the Oxford Eagle, by Carolyn Maddux describing Miss Eades' dedication to history and education; she taught William Faulkner. (Small Manuscripts: bND.1f5)

Oxford American Collection: contains proofs of Faulkner pieces and Faulkner studies published in the Oxford American as well as correspondence concerning the pieces.

J.M. Price Collection: Price's research on The Sound and the Fury, including a story line chart and essay entitled "Patters in the Sound and the Fury".

Boyd Saunders Thesis on "The Bear"
William Faulkner's "The bear": a suite of 8 original stone lithograph prints by artist Boyd Saunders.

"Style and Structure in the Works of William Faulkner" Typescript 17-page essay written by James Van Wagoner of the University of Utah; sent by Van Wagoner after his visit to Oxford, MS. (Small Manuscripts 1979-11)

"William C. Falkner, Man of Legends," 1977. Brown, Maude Morrow. Autograph manuscript of "William C. Falkner, Man of Legends," Georgia Review, vol. 10, p. 421-438.

William Faulkner Foundation Collection: commencement address presented by Paul Flowers, Memphis Commercial Appeal, at Wisconsin State College, 3 August 1962, entitled "William Faulkner: Paradoxes or Contrasts?"

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