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William Faulkner (Archives): All Collections

All Collections A through J

Due to the extensive holdings of published, cataloged William Faulkner materials housed in the University of Mississippi Libraries Archives & Special Collections, they are not individually listed in this subject guide. Instead, please use our Library Catalog or the search lists generated below:
Archives & Special Collections William Faulkner Authored Print Materials
Archives & Special Collections William Faulkner as-Subject Print Materials
Archives & Special Collections William Faulkner A/V Material
Archives & Special Collections William Faulkner as-Subject A/V Materials

Barbour Family Memoirs: memoirs include transcript of the comments made by Kathryn L. Barbour (19 January 1898-November 1995) on William Faulkner in the 1920s (Small Manuscripts Box 1977).

Bouchard Collection: collection consists of posters, lobby cards, press books, and other memorabilia of movies related to Mississippi created from 1937-2000, including Faulkner cinematic works.

Louis Daniel Brodsky Small Manuscripts: collection of manuscripts for Faulkner scholar Louis Daniel Brodsky's "Mississippi Vistas" and "Mistress Mississippi" as well as correspondence regarding "Mississippi Vistas"

Chancellors Collection/Andrew A. Kincannon. UM chancellor from 1907 to 1914.  Includes a few William Faulkner items, including a poem written and autographed by Faulkner's mother (16 boxes).

Louis Cochran Collection: The Louis Cochran Collection contains Cochran's correspondence between 1931-1932 and 1962-1965, which primarily focus on William Faulkner, although several letters also discuss Bilbo and fellow FBI agent Drane Lester. Also include various newspaper clippings concerning Faulkner as well as typescript drafts of an article entitled "William Faulkner: a personal sketch" by Cochran.

Cofield Albums: two albums containing images of William Faulkner, taken by Jack Cofield, as well as Faulkner related materials. Albums contain black-and-white prints, typescript and clippings on laminated pages.

Cofield Collection: local studio photographer "Colonel" J.R. Cofield recorded Lafayette County from 1928 until 1973. This collection includes photographs of William Faulkner, his family, the town of Oxford, Lafayette County, and photographs taken for the University of Mississippi Yearbook.

William Connell Jr. Collection. 1973. Three images of exterior of Rowan Oak, Faulkner's home.

Dorothy Crosby Scrapbooks: collection of two scrapbooks detailing the Dorothy Crosby Appreciation Day, 3 August 1980, compiled by Dorothy H. Crosby. The scrapbooks contain photographs, clippings, programs, biographical information, invitations, invitation list for the Appreciation Day and transcripts of letters. The photographs in these scrapbooks depict Rowan Oak, the Crosby Family, Chancellor and Mrs. Fortune, and the events related to the Dorothy Crosby Appreciation Day.

Crosby/Gammill Collection: Includes material related to the restoration of Faulkner's home Rowan Oak.

Martin J. Dain Collection: photographs by Martin J. Dain of Faulkner, his funeral, Rowan Oak and Lafayette county. Many of these photographs were published in: Dain, Martin J. and Tom Rankin. Faulkner's world : the photographs of Martin J. Dain. Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 1997.

Duvall Family Collection:18-page Untitled William Faulkner play written while an undergraduate at the University of Mississippi

Falkner Family Collection: Collection of Colonel W.C. Falkner's railroad records at the turn of the twentieth-century

Faulkner - Bacher Collection: correspondence between William Faulkner and William Bacher concerning turning their "modern Christ story", which Faulkner developed as A Fable, into a screenplay. Collection also includes the contract between Bacher and Jill Faulkner Summers for the movie rights. Of particular note in this collection is discussion of Faulkner's views of his ability as a screenwriter.

Faulkner Conferences Collection: this collection includes materials from the conferences commemorating the centennial anniversary of Faulkner's birth as well as materials from the annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference. In addition, Series III in this collection contains audio and video materials from Faulkner conferences, which is closed until the materials can undergo arrangement and preservation.

Faulkner Funereal Newspapers: Assorted issues newspapers from Mississippi concerning the 1962 death of William Faulkner; part of the Boxed Newspaper collection.

Faulkner Miscellaneous Images Collection: collection of Faulkner images from assorted photographers.

Faulkner Periodicals Collection: collection of magazine and newspaper articles written by or concerning William Faulkner. Also includes University of Mississippi Yearbooks in which Faulkner appeared and illustrated as well as copies of The Scream, a University of Mississippi student magazine, for which Faulkner illustrated.

Faulkner Postmaster Letters: correspondence related to William Faulkner's three-year position as Postmaster of the University of Mississippi Post Office

Faulkner Small Manuscripts
Series I, Contemporary Correspondence, contains correspondence by William Faulkner and miscellaneous letters concerning Faulkner's publications, dated prior to his death.
Series II-III, Letters Concerning Faulkner and Posthumous Reminiscences, include correspondence regarding Faulkner's death and legacy.
Series IV: Faulkner Family Materials, , include items related to William Faulkner's relatives, particularly invitations, announcements, programs and correspondence.
Series V-VII: Manuscript Materials by Faulkner include a First Mimeoing of The Brooch, handwritten, bound copy of The Marionettes, a handwritten treatment of the Wooden Crosses movie script and various pieces of correspondence and proofs, some hand-corrected.
Series IX-XIRequiem for a NunIntruder in the Dust and The Reivers contain materials related to the theatrical staging of these works.
Series XII: Movie Treatments include xerography, transcripts, story outlines, screenplays, and correspondence related to the cinematic work of William Faulkner.
Series XIII: Film Ephemera includes lobby cards, tickets, programs, sheet music and advertisements related to Faulkner's cinematic works.
Series XIV: Pressbooks include manuals on the advertising of Faulkner's cinematic works.
Series XVI: Meta Carpenter contains the typescript for A Loving Gentleman: The Love Story of William Faulkner and Meta Carpenter, written by Faulkner's former lover.
Series XVII: Publicity, Galleys and Manuscripts for Publications about Faulkner, and Series XVIII, Reviews and Publicity Items by William Faulkner, contain pressbooks, advertisements, promotional kits and reviews concerning published works by and about Faulkner.
Series XX: Articles about Faulkner include 5 published articles concerning William Faulkner; for a significantly more extensive gathering of published works about Faulkner, view the Faulkner Publications Collection.
Series XXI: Literary Criticism about Faulkner and Japanese Faulkner Studies, Series XXII, include typescript and published literary criticism and bibliographic work. A significant portion of these materials are in foreign languages, primarily Japanese, German and French.
Series XXIII: William Faulkner Stamps and the U.S. Post Office include correspondence regarding Faulkner's appearance on a U.S. stamp as well as examples of the stamps.
Series XXIV: Post Office Bricks are 4 bricks from the building in which Faulkner server as University, MS Postmaster.
Series XXV: The University of Mississippi and William Faulkner includes pamphlets, invitations and catalogues regarding Faulkner events at the University of Mississippi, subsequent to Faulkner's death.
Series XXVI: The University of Mississippi William Faulkner Collection Correspondence contains correspondence, dated 1959-1968, regarding Faulkner holdings at the University's Mississippi Collection, later Archives and Special Collections.
Series XXVII: William Faulkner and other Universities and Associations includes exhibit catalogues, invitations and programs for Faulkner events at other institutions.
Series XXVIII: Faulkner Historic Sites concerns Rowan Oak primarily; however, the series contains a packet concerning Faulkner's Greenfield Farm.
Series XXIX: Collection Catalogues contains pamphlets and promotional materials concerning the University of Virginia's Faulkner Collection, Yoknapatawpha Press and Hardin-Simmons University.
Series XXXI: Oversize contains miscellaneous items that fall topically in other series but are housed separately due to their size.

Jimmy Faulkner Periodicalsthe nephew of William Faulkner and the son of author John Faulkner, Jimmy Faulkner gave interviews and publicly discussed his family (1 box).

John Faulkner Periodicals. The brother of William Faulkner, John Faulkner was the author of nine novels and a biography about his brother (1 box).

First National Bank of Oxford Ledgers. 1910-1963. Oxford, Mississippi bank.  Cash ledger #13 for March 1918 contains notations by William Faulkner from when he worked at the bank (1 box and 23 ledgers).

Paul Flowers Collection: collection includes correspondence during Flowers' tenure as a columnist for the Commercial Appeal; notable are the letters from Faulkner to Flowers. Additionally, the collection includes clippings from the Commercial Appeal and other periodicals concerning Faulkner, photographs of Faulkner and various pieces of printed ephemera.

Shelby Foote Small Manuscripts: "One Sunday in Mississippi", Newsweek 28 June 1999, concerns Foote's friendship with Faulkner and Faulkner's desire for anonymity.

Framed Items: collection contains prints, photographs, posters, paintings and miscellaneous framed items concerning Faulkner, Yoknapatawpha County and related subjects.

From the Jungle to the Arctic: Galloway, David E. From the Jungle to the Arctic; memoirs contain reminisces of Faulkner (Small Manuscripts Box 1991)

Kenneth Godfrey Collection: consists of Kenneth Godfrey's correspondence as Sydney S. Alberts is building his William Faulkner collection and compiling a Faulkner bibliography.

Evans B. Harrington Collection: University of Mississippi English Professor and Director of the Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference, Harrington studied and published on Faulkner. This collection contains both his work and that of other scholars. Correspondence in this collection references Faulkner film & documentary, conferences, literature and studies.

Jefferson and Yoknapatawpha (Map): from dissertation by Mack Harris Scott, "All Our Yesterdays: The Vital Statistics of Yoknapatawpha County" (Vanderbilt, 1963). Identifies and geographically places people, places, and events from Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha in relation to scheme of Oxford and Lafayette County.

Jiggits Collection. 1917-1925. Includes clippings of Faulkner's works in the University of Mississippi campus newspaper The Mississippian (2 boxes).

John F. Johnson Collection: letter. 14 June 1874. W.C. Falkner to Johnson

A. Johnston Books: collection of two books from A. Johnston, burned in the Phil Stone's 1942 Oxford house fire. Includes a first printing of The Hamlet by Faulkner.

Robert Jordan Collection of Rowan Oak Photographs. Images of the 1996 renovations to the outbuildings of the Rowan Oak property. (1 box).

All Collections L through Z

Will Lewis Sr. Collection. Includes three boxes of material related to Faulkner (6 boxes).

Lomax Lamb Collection: collection of correspondence sent to Lomax B. Lamb by Faulkner. Correspondence primarily concerns a gun Faulkner purchased for his step-son Malcolm, which Faulkner wishes returned upon Malcolm's divorce.

Luster - Faulkner Collection: collection of receipts and deposit slips. Particularly notable in this collection is three bank checks made out to Faulkner with holograph endorsements and one promissory note authorizing payments made from Nobel Prize account to William Faulkner Prize Fund.

Map Collection. Includes maps from the dissertation of Mack Harris Scott "All Our Yesterdays: The Vital Statistics of Yoknapatawpha County" (1963) that identify geographical elements of the fictional Yoknapatawpha County in relation to Lafayette County (Map #59) and a map of Faulkner's Greenfield Farm (Map #281).

Meriwether Collection: the Meriwether Collection contains typescripts, notes, drafts and clippings related to James B. Meriwether's Lion in the garden: interviews with William Faulkner, 1926-1962.

The Michigan Railfan: The Michigan Railfan vol. 32, no. 7 (July 1972) published by the Michigan Railroad Club. This issue's cover story is about Col. W.C. Falkner's Ripley, Ship Island and Kentucky Railroad. Also included are photocopies of newspaper articles concerning Chancey Joseph Rogers, the sculptor who crafted Col. W.C. Falkner's likeness for his tomb (1938, 1959); an article on the dramatic performance of "Ripley Rebel," a historical pageant (1971); a photocopy of a letter from Murry C. Falkner (1970); and a photocopy of a letter from Col. W. C. Falkner (1887); (Small Manuscripts Box 1995).

Miller-Avent Papers. 1851-1960. Primarily Civil War correspondence of the Miller family of Pontotoc, Mississippi whose father and sons served in the 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Company F. Several letters reference Col. W.C. Falkner (1 box).

Miller Family Papers: letter. 29 April 1861. W.C. Falkner to H.R. Miller on the stationary of Falkner and Falkner; concerning the possible division of his regiment.

"Miss Robbie Eades Shares Knowledge of Old Oxford" 22 August 1968 article in the Oxford Eagle, by Carolyn Maddux describing Miss Eades' dedication to history and education; she taught William Faulkner. (Small Manuscripts Box ND.1)

Mississippi Authors Small Manuscripts: Letter. Ben Wasson to David Cohn concerning publication of Welty's Music from Spain and Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust

Franklin E. Moak Collection. 1943-1997. Includes material related to Franklin E. Moak's research on Faulkner as well as items related to the Faulkner Conference at the University of Mississippi (87 boxes).

Phil Mullen Collection: sixty images including Faulkner and his family, the filming of a Ford Foundation documentary on Faulkner, and the filming of Intruder in the Dust in Oxford.

Newspapers (Boxed). Box 28 contains 1949 issue of Oxford Eagle special edition on world premiere of "Intruder in the Dust." Box 29 holds 26 April 1965 Faulkner Souvenir Edition of the Oxford Eagle. Box 34 contains various non-Mississippi newspapers covering Faulkner's death in July 1962, while Box 54 holds Mississippi newspapers covering the topic. Box 57 includes October-November 1968 issues of The Conservative newspaper of Carrollton, Mississippi with articles covering the on-location filming of "The Reivers) (75 boxes).

Dorothy Oldham Collection. 1953-1958, undated. Dorothy Zollicoffer Oldham was the younger sister of William Faulkner's wife Estelle Oldham Faulkner. She was a librarian at UM. Collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, and other material (1 box).

Oxford American Collection: contains proofs of Faulkner pieces and Faulkner studies published in the Oxford American as well as correspondence concerning the pieces.

Carl Petersen Collection: primarily, the collection contains correspondence between Petersen and major booksellers and collectors as well as documentation about Petersen's collection. Also contains materials related to other collections as well as auction information. Collection contains manuscript items for Petersen's various works as well, including On the Track of the Dixie Ltd.Another Turn: Imperfect Notes on a Faulkner CollectionEach in its Ordered Place and Eiiop.

J.M. Price Collection: of note is the piece of correspondence between Faulkner and Price in which the two men critique Scribner's Magazine's publication and handling of "Spotted Horses". Also includes Price's research on The Sound and the Fury. Finally, two pieces of correspondence concerning an article in Vogue by Nancy Hale; a copy of the article is located in Miscellaneous Clippings, Folder 5.

R.E. Price Collection: letter. 9 January 1969, Renato Campi to Mrs R.E. Price regarding the statue of Col. W.C. Falkner.

Prize Poems. 1910s-1920s. Newspaper clippings and submissions from the University of Mississippi Mississippian related to poetry contest -- William Faulkner won in 1920 and Hubert Creekmore in 1927. Location: Small Manuscripts 1979-1 (Folders 11 & 20).

Ann Rayburn Collection of Paper Americana. 1858-1997.  Series 7 contains a number of lobby cards for movie adaptations of Faulkner's fiction as well as films for which he was a screenwriter (84 boxes).

Mrs. John R. Rayburn Correspondence: includes photocopies of correspondence of Rayburn and other Oxford residents with Wirt Armistead Cate, making several mentions of admiration for Faulkner (Small Manuscripts Box 1976)

James R. Redden Collection: receipt for Rent. W.C. Falkner to Mrs. H.T. Counseille, 6 March 1882

Rowan Oak Advisory Committee Collection: collection of correspondence related to Rowan Oak following its acquisition by the University of Mississippi. Primarily, the correspondence details the governance of the property and requests for tours as well as miscellaneous printed material regarding the property, all material dated 1963-1968.

Rowan Oak Papers: several thousand sheets of autograph and typescript drafts of poems, short stories, film scripts and novels written by Faulkner in some of his most creative years, between 1925 and 1939.

Boyd Saunders Thesis on The Bear
William Faulkner's "The bear": a suite of 8 original stone lithograph prints by artist Boyd Saunders.

James W. Silver Collection. 1935-1986. A history professor at Ole Miss, James W. Silver's papers include research material on William Faulkner (50 boxes).

James W. Silver and Martin J. Dain Collection: contains correspondence between Silver and Dain concerning Faulkner

The Southern Reposure: racial moderate P.D. East (newspaper editor of the Petal Paper) and novelist William Faulkner wrote the only issue of this 1956 Mississippi lampoon newspaper geared towards college students. The headline "Eastland Elected by NAAAPZ as Outstanding Man of Year" poked fun of U.S. Senator James O. Eastland. (Small Manuscripts Box 1982-1 Folder 16)

"Style and Structure in the Works of William Faulkner": typescript 17-page essay written by James Van Wagoner of the University of Utah; sent by Van Wagoner after his visit to Oxford, MS. (Small Manuscripts Box 1979.11)

University Archives Photographs: UAB14F42-48 contains images of Rowan Oak as a National Literary Landmark, 17 April 1993

University of Mississippi Cultural Events Collection: includes materials related to Faulkner cultural events at the University of Mississippi.

University of Mississippi Registrar Ledgers: includes William Faulkner's entry in 1919 and 1920 ledgers as a Special Student, written in Faulkner's own hand.

Meta Carpenter Wilde Collection: contains articles, reviews, photographs, and audiocassettes related to the life of Meta Carpenter Wilde and chiefly documenting her career in the film industry and her love affair with Faulkner.

William Faulkner Foundation Collection: correspondence, clippings and miscellaneous printed items regarding scholarship at the University of Mississippi Faulkner collection and acquisition of materials. Of note in this collection is the inventory of the Rowan Oak house and library. Correspondence primarily focuses on access to the University of Mississippi Faulkner Collections and acquisition of materials; however, the collection includes a xeroxed letter from Faulkner concerning his views on segregation. Finally, the collection includes a commencement address on Faulkner, given by Paul Flowers of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

"William C. Falkner, Man of Legends:" Brown, Maude Morrow. Autograph manuscript of "William C. Falkner, Man of Legends," Georgia Review, vol. 10, p. 421-438 (Small Manuscripts Box 1977).

Joan Williams Collection. Author Joan Williams had a close relationship with Faulkner between 1949 and 1953. Finding aid available in Special Collections (6 boxes).

Richard Wright Small Manuscripts: Letter. 19 June 1937 Richard Wright to Mr. [Dale] Mullen, New York, concerning Absalom, Absalom!

Wynn Collection of Faulkner Collecting: correspondence, journal articles and newspaper clippings about Faulkner. The collection documents the history of the Faulkner collecting interests of the Wynn family over a period of time from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Wynn - Faulkner Poetry Collection: consists of forty-eight pages of early poetry written by William Faulkner, most likely in the years between 1917-1925. What distinguishes this collection is the proportion of unknown, unpublished poems, poem fragments, and variants contained among the forty-eight typescript pages. The largest poetry sequence is the unrecorded Faulkner "Scaramouch," and "Mary Magdalen."

Yoknapatawpha Press Collection. 1979-1992. Contains materials related to Yoknapatawpha Press, a southern regional small press in Oxford, Mississippi. Includes several folders related to author William Faulkner.

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