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William Faulkner (Archives): Correspondence

Correspondence To and From William Faulkner

Faulkner Small Manuscripts: Series I: Contemporary Correspondence, contains correspondence by William Faulkner and miscellaneous letters concerning Faulkner's publications, dated prior to his death.

Lomax Lamb Collection; collection of correspondence sent to Lomax B. Lamb by Faulkner. Correspondence primarily concerns a gun Faulkner purchased for his step-son Malcolm, which Faulkner wishes returned upon Malcolm's divorce.

Faulkner Postmaster Letters: correspondence related to William Faulkner's three-year position as Postmaster of the University of Mississippi Post Office

Faulkner - Bacher Collection: correspondence between William Faulkner and William Bacher concerning turning their "modern Christ story", which Faulkner developed as A Fable, into a screenplay. Collection also includes the contract between Bacher and Jill Faulkner Summers for the movie rights. Of particular note in this collection is discussion of Faulkner's views of his ability as a screenwriter.

J.M. Price Collection: of note is the piece of correspondence between Faulkner and Price in which the two men critique Scribners publication and handling of "Spotted Horses". Finally, two pieces of correspondence concerning an article in Vogue by Nancy Hale; a copy of the article is located in Miscellaneous Clippings, Folder 5.

Paul Flowers Collection: correspondence during Flowers' tenure as a columnist for the Commercial Appeal; notable are the letters from Faulkner to Flowers.

Correspondence Concerning William Faulkner and the Various Faulkner Collections

Louis Cochran Collection: contains Cochran's correspondence between 1931-1932 and 1962-1965, primarily focusing on William Faulkner; fellow correspondents include Phil Stone, Carvel Collins, J.R. Cofield and Stringfellow Barr.

Faulkner Small Manuscripts
Series II-III: Letters Concerning Faulkner and Posthumous Reminiscences, include correspondence regarding Faulkner's death and legacy.
Series XXVI: The University of Mississippi William Faulkner Collection Correspondence contains correspondence, dated 1959-1968, regarding Faulkner holdings at the University's Mississippi Collection, later Archives and Special Collections.

Kenneth Godfrey Collection: consists of Kenneth Godfrey's correspondence as Sydney S. Alberts is building his William Faulkner collection and compiling a Faulkner bibliography.

Evans B. Harrington Collection: University of Mississippi English Professor and Director of the Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference, Harrington studied and published on Faulkner. Correspondence in this collection references Faulkner film & documentary, conferences, literature and studies.

Mississippi Authors Small Manuscripts: letter. Ben Wasson to David Cohn concerning publication of Welty's Music from Spain and Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust

Carl Petersen Collection: primarily, the collection contains correspondence between Petersen and major booksellers and collectors.

Mrs. John R. Rayburn Correspondence: includes photocopies of correspondence of Rayburn and other Oxford residents with Wirt Armistead Cate, making several mentions of admiration for Faulkner (Small Manuscripts Box 1976)

Rowan Oak Advisory Committee Collection: collection of correspondence related to Rowan Oak following its acquisition by the University of Mississippi. Primarily, the correspondence details the governance of the property and requests for tours as well as miscellaneous printed material regarding the property, all material dated 1963-1968.

James W. Silver and Martin J. Dain Collection: collection contains correspondence between Silver and Dain concerning Faulkner.

William Faulkner Foundation Collection: correspondence primarily focuses on access to the University of Mississippi Faulkner Collections and acquisition of materials; however, the collection includes a xeroxed letter from Faulkner concerning his views on segregation.

Richard Wright Small Manuscripts: Letter. 19 June 1937 Richard Wright to Mr. [Dale] Mullen, New York, concerning Absolom Absolom!

Wynn Collection of Faulkner Collecting: correspondence documenting the history of the Faulkner collecting interests of the Wynn family from the 1950s through the 1970s.

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