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William Faulkner (Archives): Literary Manuscripts

Bern Keating Collection, Special Collections

Literary Manuscript Collections

In addition to the following literary manuscripts, the University of Mississippi Archives and Special Collections houses various manuscripts concerning Faulkner, written by various authors and listed in the All Collections page of this subject guide; pieces of correspondence written by Faulkner, available in the Correspondence page of this subject guide; as well as various signed ephemeral items.

Rowan Oak Papers: several thousand sheets of autograph and typescript drafts of poems, short stories, film scripts and novels written by Faulkner in some of his most creative years, between 1925 and 1939.

Wynn - Faulkner Poetry Collection: consists of forty-eight pages of early poetry written by William Faulkner, most likely in the years between 1917-1925. What distinguishes this collection is the proportion of unknown, unpublished poems, poem fragments, and variants contained among the forty-eight typescript pages. The largest poetry sequence is the unrecorded Faulkner work entitled "Michael." Other unpublished poems with Faulkner's titles include "New Orleans," "Scaramouch," and "Mary Magdalen."

Duvall Family Collection: 18-page Untitled William Faulkner play written while an undergraduate at the University of Mississippi

Faulkner Small Manuscripts: series V-VII include a First Mimeoing of The Brooch, handwritten, bound copy of The Marionettes, a handwritten treatment of the Wooden Crosses movie script and various pieces of correspondence and proofs, some hand-corrected.

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