Collection Management @ UM Libraries

The purpose of this guide is to inform the University Mississippi Libraries user community about the policies, procedures, and updates regarding the management of the university's library collection.

Guiding Principle

The broad goals of the UM Libraries' collection is to:

  • contribute to the university's mission
  • enhance research excellence
  • drive student success.

UM Libraries will strive to achieve these goals while focusing on two objectives:

  • Provide access to all content our users need for their research, teaching, and learning
  • Build a comprehensive collection in a few key areas, while also maintaining a research-level collection in a broader number of areas.

As we do this, the library recognizes the need to accomplish these goals in the most efficient and financially responsible way possible.

Contact Information

  • Brian Young, Collection Strategist and Associate Professor
  • Christina Torbert, Head of Continuing Resources and Acquisitions and Associate Professor

To contact the librarian responsible for a specific department, please refer to our subject liaison listing.