Electronic Resources

Finding Journals

There are two main ways to find Journals: Journal A-Z and Browse eJournals, which can be accessed via the library homepage.

You can use Journal A-Z to search for or browse journals in print and online by title or subject. Browse eJournals will link you to BrowZine which is a visual platform that enables users to browse the University Libraries’ full-text scholarly journal subscriptions by subject area. Links to both of these can be found on the library homepage under "Finding Journals".

FIND IT! Citation Linker

Do you have a specific citation you are looking for? Use our Find It! Citation Linker found here.

Using BrowZine

Start at the UM Libraries' home page: <a href="http://libraries.olemiss.edu" title="Link: http://libraries.olemiss.edu">libraries.olemiss.edu</a><br><br>Under "Databases", select "B" for BrowZine<span class=""></span>

Click <span class=""><b>BrowZine </b><i><b><br></b></i></span>

BrowZine allows users to view the UM Libraries' digital, peer-reviewed, full-text journals. To view education journals, select <b>Social Science and Behavioral Science</b><span class=""></span>

Click <span class=""><b>Education</b></span>

You can select subdisciplines within education. Here we will select <span class=""><b>Disability and Special Needs Education</b></span>

From here, you can select individual titles. Click on the <b>Exceptional Children</b> journal<span class=""></span>

BrowZine displays articles in the most current issue, but you can change the year by selecting the drop down box <span class=""></span>

To see the full-text article, click on the title. Click <span class=""><b>Comparisons of Mathematics Intervention Effects in Resource and Inclusive Classrooms </b></span>

A new tab will open with access to the full-text article. This screen changes based on the journal, but simply look for links to <b>"download pdf"</b><span class=""></span>

That's it. You're done.<br><br>If you have any questions, contact UM's Research &amp; Instruction Librarians. <br>

Accessing eJournals

When you attempt to access an eJournal, unless you are using one of the public computers available within the library, you will be asked to log in using your WebID to access library electronic resources. If you are on your own laptop or mobile device, you will also need to log in with your Web ID, even if you are in the library. Note that logging into the wireless network is different from logging into the library.

If you have a problem accessing an eJournal, please contact Circulation West at (662) 915-5858.

Locating Full-Text Articles via "Find It"

Let's say you need to find a&nbsp;<b>full-text</b>&nbsp; article for one of your classes on emotion regulation in children.&nbsp;<br><br>Begin at the UM Libraries' home page: <a href="https://libraries.olemiss.edu" title="Link: https://libraries.olemiss.edu">libraries.olemiss.edu</a><br><br>

You can search for scholarly articles in One Search or in a subject database. <br><br>We're going to search a subject psychology database called PsycINFO. Click <b>"P"</b>.&nbsp;<br>

Click <span class="component"><i><b>PsycINFO </b></i></span>

To access UM library databases you need to login with your UM id and password.&nbsp;

Type&nbsp;<b>emotion regulation and child*</b> in the search box

You might want to use the second article in the list, but where is the&nbsp;<b>full text</b>&nbsp;<b>(entire)</b> article?<br><br>Click on the title of the article.&nbsp;

This page gives you more information, but still not the&nbsp;<b>full-text &nbsp;article.&nbsp;<br><br></b>To find out if the UM Libraries has the&nbsp;<b>full-text article</b>, you need to click on the <b>red</b>&nbsp;"<b>Find It!"</b> button.&nbsp;<b><br></b>

This screen will look different depending on if the library has the article, and how the article is being retrieved.&nbsp;<br><br>Often, you simply follow the prompt.&nbsp;<br>

A new tab opens to provide the&nbsp;<b>full-text article</b>, including a downloadable pdf version.&nbsp;<br><br>Click to download. That's it! You're done.&nbsp;<br><br>