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University of Mississippi Archives: Civil Rights Commemorations

University Archives Collections

UM Civil Rights Commemorations: Manuscript Collections

Chancellors Collection:  Porter L. FortuneFortune was UM chancellor in 1982 during the 20th anniversary of integration.  Box 155, Folders 5 & 6 contains materials documenting the planning and events.

Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection1982-2006.  Contains flyers, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, and plans for the Civil Rights Monument dedicated in 2006 on the University of Mississippi campus.  5 boxes.

James Meredith Collection.  James Meredith was the first African American admitted as a student at the University of Mississippi in 1962.  Correspondence and other items related to the 20th and 25th anniversary observances in 1982 and 1987 appear in Box 50, Folder “General Correspondence February-August 1982”; Box 50, Folder “Miscellaneous 1982”; Box 50, Folder “Speaking Related Materials 1982”; Box 65, Folder “Academic Correspondence 1987”; and Box 136, Folder “Newspaper Clippings 1982.”

James Meredith Small Manuscripts.  Box 1, Folder 2 contains the manuscript text of the 1982 speech James Meredith delivered at the 20th anniversary observance of his integration of the University of Mississippi.  Box 6, Folder 26 contains “Law Symposium Proceedings:  Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Admission of Black Students to the University of Mississippi” (1983).  Box 8, Folder 7 holds a 1982 issue of the Ole Miss Magazine with a Meredith retrospective.

Sidna Brower Mitchell Collection.  Sidna Brower was editor of the campus newspaper in 1962 and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her editorials condemning the violence.  Box 6 contains the folder “University of Mississippi Integration 40th Anniversary” (2002) as well as articles from different internet sites discussing the anniversary of the university dating from 1997 to 2002.

Andrew P. Mullins Jr. Collection  Box 1, Folder 32 is a substantial file related to plans for observing the 50th anniversary of the integration of the University of Mississippi in 2012.

Open Doors Collection1962-1963 and 2002-2003.  Includes material documenting the University of Mississippi observance of the 40th anniversary of the integration as well as items donated that year from individuals present in 1962 during the events surrounding James Meredith’s admission as a student.

Race Relations Collection.  Box 1, Folder 30 contains a program for the 20th anniversary commemorating the integration of the University of Mississippi in 1982.  Box 1, Folder 33 holds a program from a 1983 law symposium on the 20th anniversary of the admission of African American students at the university.  Box 6 (Oversized), Folder 15 is a broadside for “Covering the South:  Media and the Civil Rights, University of Mississippi.  3-5 April 1987.”

Valeria Ross Collection.  Box 1, Folder 19 includes material related to the UM Civil Rights Subcommittee that document planning for the 2012 anniversary events.  Box 1, Folder 22 contains material related to the 2012 dedication by the Black Student Union of campus markers commemorating the events of 1962.

Vertical Files.  Largely composed of newspaper clippings from the 1970s and 1980s.  Includes the following folders which may contain relevant information on commemorative activities:  “Civil Rights – University of Mississippi” and “University of Mississippi -- Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation.”

William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation Collection.  1990s-2015.  Established in 1999 and based at the University of Mississippi until 2018, the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation focuses on racial reconciliation, community engagement, and youth leadership development.  Items related to the proposal and planning for the University of Mississippi civil rights memorial are in Box 6, Folders 24 and 25).  News coverage about the memorial are in Box 13, Folder 6.  Additional material on race relations on campus can be found elsewhere within the collection.  60 boxes.

UM Civil Rights Commemorations: Recordings

50 Years of Integration:  Opening the Closed Society (2012).  DVD recording.  Efforts of students and faculty at the University of Mississippi to change the nation's perception of the institution following the 1962 campus riot over integration.  Call Number:  LD3413 F548 2012.

Civil Rights Monument Dedication (University of Mississippi, 2006).  DVD recording.  Call Number:  LD3413 C584 2006.