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Art (Archives): Secondary Sources

Secondary Publications on Mississippi A-J

A.L. Blanks, Photographer, Vicksburg, Miss.  [Vicksburg, MS:  Vicksburg Foundatio for Historic Preservation, 1985].  Nineteenth-century photographs.  Call Number:  F349 V6 Z2 1985.

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Walter Anderson.  The Walter Anderson Birthday Book.  Jackson:  Mississippi State Historical Museum, 1986.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 A53 1986.

Walter Anderson:  Realizations of an Artist.  Hurricane Pictures, 2005.  DVD recording of documentary.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 R435 2005.

Walter Anderson.  A Symphony of Animals.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1996.  Call Number:  N6337 A48 A4 1996 OVRS.

The Art of Theora Hamblett.  University, MS:  1966.  DVD recording of documentary.  Call Number:  ND237 H3 A78 2004.

Art Work of Mississippi.  Chicago:  Gravure Illustration Co., 1901.  Nine parts.  Call Number:  F341 A77 1901.

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William R. Ferris.  Afro-American Folk Arts and Crafts.  Boston, MA:  G.K. Hall, 1983.  Includes chapters on quilter Pecolia Warner, sculpture James "Son" Thomas, and folk sculpture from Parchman Penitentiary.  Call Number:  NK839.3 A35 T46 1990.

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Greg Griffith, ed.  Carousels Abound:  The Carousel Horses of Meridian, Mississippi:  A Project Benefiting Hope Village for Children.  Brandon, MS:  Quail Ridge Press, 2002.  Community arts project.  Call Number:  NK5033 R38 2002.

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Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff and Carol Vickers.  Threading the Generation:  A Mississippi Family's Quilt Legacy.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2005.  Call Number:  TT835 J5855 2005.

Interior Images:  The Influence of Prehistoric Cave Art in France on the Work of Walter Inglis Anderson.  Ocean Springs, MS:  Walter Anderson Museum of Art, 1996.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 A4 1996a.

The Islander:  Ocean Springs Artist Walter Anderson.  Mississippi Educational Television, 1977.  VHS recording of documentary.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 I8.

Mary Elizabeth Johnson and Carol Vickers.  Threading the Generations:  A Mississippi Family's Quilt Legacy.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2005.  Call Number:  TT835 J5855 2005.

Secondary Publications on Mississippi K-Z

Donald M. Kartiganer and Ann J. Abadie, eds.  Faulkner and the Artist.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1996.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 Z78311265 1996.

Don Lee Keith.  The World of Rolland Golden.  New Orleans:  Royal Pub. Co., 1970.  Artist was a resident of Grenada, Mississippi and the subject matter of his work includes Mississippi.  Call Number:  ND237 G597 K45 1970.

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Made in Mississippi:  Black Folk Art and Crafts.  Memphis:  Center for Southern Folklore, 1975.  VHS recording of documentary.  Call Number:  NK835 M7 M33x 1975.

Christopher Maurer.  Fortune's Favorite Child:  The Uneasy Life of Walter Anderson.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2003.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 M38 2003.

Mississippi Arts & Letters.  [Hattiesburg, MS:  Persons Pub.].  Special Collections has 1983-1985 issues.  Call Number:  NX24 M7 M75.

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Sonny Ford, Delta Artist.  [1969].  VHS recording of documentary on Son Thomas.  Call Number:  NB237 T476 S6.

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