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Art (Archives): Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections A-L

Academic Program Reviews Collection.  1981-1983.  Includes University of Mississippi reports on the Master of Arts in Art History, Master of Fine Arts in Art, and Bachelor of Arts in Art History (15 boxes).

Benny Andrews Collection.  1965-1984.  Contains exhibit posters, catalogs, brochures, clippings and other items related to African American visual artist Benny Andrews (1 box & 1 folder).

Artfirst Collection.  1995-1997.  Issues of Artfirst, a quarterly newsletter for visual artists and crafts people in Mississippi (1 box).

Lionell Baxter Collection.  1851-1986.  Includes engravings of Civil War personalities and a Bureau of Printing & Engraving series of presidents, chief justices, and government buildings (9 boxes).

Charles G. Bell Collection.  1981 and undated.  Charles G. Bell collected examples of symbolic history and created a series of lectures on the subject using photograph slides and audio recordings to illustrate the work of artists (4 boxes).

Henry and Katherine Bellamann Collection.  1882-1945.  Papers of novelist Henry Bellamann and poet Katherine Bellamann.  Includes essays on art dating from 1920-1923 (Box 17) (42 boxes).

Mrs. Emma Faser Birchett Collection.  1874-1988.  Includes an original watercolor of a house signed by E.C. Edison and dated 1921 (2 boxes).

Bishop Collection.  1887; 1937.  Prints and etchings depicting scenes and characters from William Shakespeare's plays (1 box).

Blues Archive Poster Collection.  1926-2012.  Blues posters, broadsides, and oversize printings collected by various individuals and institutions and documenting the world of blues advertising (16 drawers in poster cases).

Book of Gold.  1917-1946.  An album containing autographs, musical notations, poems, drawings, sketches, photographs and wartime ephemera collected by Eric A. Dawson while serving in World War I and II.  Contributors include well-known artists including Howard Chandler Christy and Henri Matisse (1 box).

Herschel Brickell Collection.  Circa 1920-1950.  Includes thirteen original pen & ink portraits of American authors and Herschel Brickell as well as sixteen original drawings by artist Joaquin Vaquero (Box 47).  Finding aid available in Special Collections (61 boxes).

Browning Club Collection.  1895-2011.  A club for women in Oxford, Mississippi with a goal of expanding knowledge of literature and culture, including music and the arts (6 boxes).

Grover Catt Collection.  1940-1945.  Includes photographs of paintings on U.S. planes during World War II (16 boxes).

Chancellors Collection/Porter L. Fortune.  Porter L. Fortune was University of Mississippi chancellor from 1968 to 1984.  Includes files on the university museum as well as the Mississippi Art Association, the Art Department, and the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (208 boxes).

Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection.  1982-2006.  Material associated with the planning and installation of the Civil Rights Monument on the campus of the University of Mississippi (5 boxes).

William Connell Jr. Collection of Rowan Oak Photographs.  1973.  Three photographs of the exterior of William Faulkner's home Rowan Oak. 

Hubert Creekmore Collection.  1928-2002.  Includes catalog of art exhibitions (Series 5) (6 boxes).

Cultural Events Collection.  1907-2006.  Programs and other material related to cultural events on the campus of the University of Mississippi, including art exhibitions (5 boxes).

Martin J. Dain Collection.  A photographer for major New York firms, Martin J. Dain traveled to Lafayette County, Mississippi to capture images of the land that inspired author William Faulkner (7 boxes).

Jean Després Photograph Collection 1968-1969.  Photographs of designs created by Art Deco jewelry designer Jean Després.

Louis Dollarhide Collection.  Louis Dollarhide is the author of Of Art and Artists:  Selected Reviews of the Arts in Mississippi, 1955-1976 (1981) and a member of the Mississippi Arts Commission.  Includes correspondence with Marie Hull, Mildred Wolfe, Bill Dunlap, and others (47 boxes).  

James O. Eastland Collection.  1930-1978.  James O. Eastland served as a U.S. Senator in 1941 and from 1943 to 1978.  The collection includes correspondence from Marie Hull who painted his portrait, letters from Theora Hamblett, general files on art and museums in Mississippi, and original political cartoon drawings (1,800 linear feet).  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collections Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

James E. Edmonds Collection.  1886-1934.  While a student at the University of Mississippi, James E. Edmonds was the illustrator of the first Ole Miss yearbook in 1897.  Some of his correspondence includes original drawings in the margins (3 boxes).

Engravings Collection.  Unknown.  Engravings related to the University of Mississippi (1 box).

Farm Security Administration Collection.  1935-1945.  Copies of Mississippi photographs by the Farm Security Administration provided by the Library of Congress (2 boxes).

Faulkner Miscellaneous Images Collection.  Includes photographs of drawings by author William Faulkner and paintings by his mother Maude Faulkner and his brother John Faulkner.

Faulkner Periodicals Collection.  1930-1997.  Includes University of Mississippi yearbooks with drawings by author William Faulkner (55 boxes).

Eugene B. Ferris Collection.  Includes a 1995 typescript of an article "Inside the Jook Joint:  Blues and Sculpture in the Life of James Thomas" (4 boxes).

Fine Press Brochures Collection 1998-2003.  Brochures issued by various independent fine presses announcing the publications of new books (1 box).

Kenneth Goldstein Collection.  Late 1700s to early 1900s.  Includes broadsides from Britain and Ireland that often include print illustrations.  Finding aid available in Special Collections.  The broadsides are available online as a digital collection.

Dr. Anne Gowdy/Sherwood Bonner Collection.  Includes a photocopies of 1876 articles by author Sherwood Bonner while abroad in Europe discussing art and artists (3 boxes).

Graduating/Senior Theses Collection.  1858-1937.  Theses written by seniors and graduate students of the University of Mississippi.  Includes two 1896 manuscripts on art education (8 boxes).

Edwin Granberry Collection.  1907-1988.  Author Edwin Granberry had a long-term partnership with artist Roy Crane (and later Henry Schlensker) to produce the comic strip "Buz Sawyer" (16 boxes).

Sidney Graves Collection.  1936-2008.  Sidney Graves was the founder of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Collection includes blues posters and calendars with blues images (25 boxes).

Theora Hamblett Collection.  1955-1975.  Collection of printed, audio, and visual materials related to the career of Mississippi primitive artist Theora Hamblett (7 boxes & 1 scrapbook).

Barry Hannah Collection.  1978-1993.  Includes one 1981 letter from artist Glennray Tutor to author Barry Hannah (12 boxes).

Sheldon Harris Collection.  1834-1998.  Includes 589 pieces of sheet music of minstrel songs, coon songs, blues, jazz, ragtime, and general popular music from 1834 through 1954, most with cover art.  Also contains blues photographs (71 boxes).  The sheet music is available in the Sheldon Harris digital collection.

Pat Harrison Collection.  1883-1943.  Pat Harrison served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1911-1919) and in the U.S. Senate (1919-1941).  His papers include over thirty original political cartoon drawings featuring his likeness (Box 108).  Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist C.K. Berryman drew many of the cartoons (116 boxes).  The C.K. Berryman Cartoons are available as a digital collection.  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collections Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

Felton M. Johnston Collection 1925-1972.  Includes an original political cartoon drawing by C.K. Berryman of U.S. Senator Pat Harrison.  In addition, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Felton M. Johnston to the American Battle Monuments Commission (an independent agency of the federal government which designs, builds, and maintains U.S. military cemeteries and memorials in foreign countries). Johnston served on the commission from 1965 to 1969 and the collection includes records and scrapbooks related to his tenure (27 boxes).  The C.K. Berryman cartoon is available as part of a digital collection of similar drawings.  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collections Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

Lagniappe Collection.  1974-1975.  Material related to Lagniappe:  A Journal of the Old South based in Oxford, Mississippi.  Includes original artwork (1 box).

Seymour Lawrence Collection.  1952-1992.  Seymour Lawrence was an independent book publisher who worked with many important authors during the second half of the twentieth century.  Special Collections has an endowed room showcasing parts of the collection, including original artworks by or about authors Kurt Vonnegut, J.P. Donleavy, Thomas Berger, and Susan Minot (108 boxes).

League of Women Voters of Mississippi Collection.  1946-2001.  Includes several original political cartoons about the League of Women Voters (Box 32) (33 boxes).

Manuscript Collections M-Z

C.L. Marquette Collection.  1924-2004.  Papers of University of Mississippi history professor C.L. Marquette.  Includes photographs of his wife Lena Marquette's paintings (15 boxes).

W.T. Marshall Collection 1833-1985.  W.T. Marshall was White House librarian and clerk for eight U.S. Presidents from William McKinley to Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Collection includes engravings, lithographs, paintings, and drawings (10 boxes).

Christopher Maurer Research Collection on Walter Anderson and Shearwater Pottery.  1863-2003.  Research notes and photocopies of primary source materials used in Christopher Mauer's book Fortunes Favorite Child:  The Uneasy Life of Walter Anderson and Dreaming in Clay on the Coast of Mississippi:  Love and Art at Shearwater (22 boxes).

McAlexander/Marshall County Collection.  1838-2009.  Material related to the history of Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi.  Includes clippings about Kate Freeman Clark and files on "Artists" and "Iron Foundry and Potters" (24 boxes).

John McCrady Collection.  1936-1978.  Collection contains correspondence, periodicals, exhibit programs, and lecture notes related to the life and work of artist John McCrady (3 boxes).

Jim McGrath Collection.  Includes a set of Robert Crumb's "Heroes of the Blues" trading cards (1 box).

Dr. Jerry "Jake" Leith Mills Collection.  Collection consists of correspondence between Mississippi author Larry Brown and University of North Carolina English professor Jake Mills.  Several of the letters discuss artist Glennray Tutor who provided cover art for at least one of Brown's books (1 box).

Mississippi Authors Small Manuscripts.  1928-2006.  Includes pamphlet "John Faulkner, Artist-Author, Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, October 12-27, 1968" (9 boxes).

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Small Manuscripts.  2008 and undated.  Includes brochures on traditional Choctaw crafts.  (1 box).

Mississippi Churches Collection.  1846-1997.  Includes information about stained glass windows at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hattiesburg (2 boxes).

Mississippi Colleges & Universities Collection.  1890-2003.  Includes 2003 postcard on 7th annual Tougaloo Art Colony (1 box).

Mississippi Education Collection.  1924-2000.  Includes typed manuscript "Art Education in Mississippi and the Art Section of the Mississippi Education Association" (1 box).  Also available as a digital collection.

Mississippi Fine Arts Collection.  1954-1999.  Miscellaneous assortment of programs, broadsheets, and magazines related to the fine arts in Mississippi (2 boxes).

Mississippi Organizations Collection.  1920-2003.  Includes issues of the Mississippi Museums Association newsletter Artifacts from 1999 (2 boxes).

Mississippi Periodicals Collection.  1921-1982.  Collection of various periodicals published in Mississippi or with content about Mississippi (6 boxes).

Willie Morris Collection 1954-1994.  Includes correspondence with William Dunlap (173 boxes).

Ellis and Mamie Nassour Arts & Entertainment Collection.  1920-2012.  Collection of film and theater memorabilia, including posters (32 boxes).

Pauline Wright Nichols Collection.  1980.  Pauline Wright Nichols was born in Oxford, Mississippi in 1889 and received a bachelor's degree in design from Sophie Newcomb College followed by later study at the Chicago Art Institute.  She exhibited her work in New Orleans and taught art at Belhaven College and Newcomb College.  Collections contains material related to Nichol's book The Breath of God:  Black Voices from the Thirties (1 box).

Flannery O'Connor Small Manuscripts.  Includes an original pen and watercolor 1942 Christmas card by author Flannery O'Connor (1 box).

Edwin Bennett Ogden Collection.  1915-2010.  Includes a pamphlet entitled "Cuban Art Center."  Ogden's family moved to Cuba in 1922 and migrated back to Mississippi in 1960 (21 boxes).

Victoria Oldham Sheet Music Collection.  1893-1936.  Many of the pieces of sheet music have illustrated covers (4 boxes).

Oxford American Collection.  1988-2002.  Material related to the Oxford American magazine, including graphic art, photographs, and drawings used in production as well as original artwork (85 boxes).

Presidential Debate Collection.  2007-2009.  Includes an original signed political cartoon by Marshall Ramsey about the 2008 presidential debate on the campus of the University of Mississippi (6 boxes).

Priscian Fragments Collection.  900s-1400s.  Includes a fragment of a Flemish Book of Hours with illuminated design (1 box).  Also available in the Medieval Manuscript Fragments digital collection.

Race Parody Sheet Music Collection.  1882-1945.  Sheet music (with cover art) related to race parody and African American stereotypes (1 box).

Ann Rayburn Collection of Paper Americana.  1885-1997.  Collection contains postcards, advertising trade cards, posters, sheet music, and various printed paper materials related to films (84 boxes & 35 binders).

Dr. T.H. Rayburn Collection.  1900s.  Philatelic envelopes primarily about the Civil War and the Old West and often with original artwork (4 boxes).

David M. Robinson Collection.  1907-1954.  Correspondence, photographs, financial records and dig records of Classical archeologist David M. Robinson, who discovered the ancient city of Olynthus and participated in excavations at Corinth and Sardis.  (53 boxes).

Sarah Isom Center Collection 1921-2007.  The Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies is at the University of Mississippi.  The collection includes four boxes on "Visual and Performing Arts" which contains information on the Harmontown quilters, Theora Hamblett, Ethel Wright Mohamed, and others (Boxes 93, 94, 95, and 96) (107 boxes).

Sheet Music (Miscellaneous) Collection.  1846-1974.  Miscellaneous assortment of sheet music (some with cover art) that is mostly related to Mississippi (1 box).

James W. Silver and Martin J. Dain Collection.  1962-1986.  Correspondence with New York Life photographer Martin J. Dain who captured images of William Faulkner and Lafayette County, Mississippi (1 box).

Small Manuscripts.  Includes booklet "Acceptance and Unveiling of the Statue of Theodore Gilmore Bilbo" (1976-3, Folder 13); Henry Daggett Boch's "An Essay on the Use and Advantages of the Fine Arts" (1978-6, Folder 25); copy of catalogue introduction for Carroll Cloar's 1956 exhibit in the Alan Gallery (1994-3, Folder 3); various drawings of military uniforms in history produced by Southern Comfort Corp., the Company of Military Collectors and Historians, and J.H. Magruder (1995-7, Folder 2); engravings and prints of Jefferson Davis (1995-7, Folders 7 & 8); 1947 letter from president of All-Negro Comics Inc (1998-1, Folder 4); copies of lithographs "Shakespeare's Birthplace" by John Mortlock and "Anne Hathaway's Cottage" unsigned (1999-1, Folder 7); subscription information for Alecto Historical Editions facsimile edition of Mark Catesby's The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, & the Bahama Islands along with color copies of three images (2000-1, Folder 8); copy of Martha Ann Brooks' sketch of James Burrell along with a letter by Brooks describing the work (2000-1, Folder 14); 1983 letter from outsider artist Howard Finster to Bill Ferris (2001-2, Folder 6); postcard promoting Adam Shemper's exhibit "New Photographs from the Sardis Lake Series at the Driskel Gallery in Provincetown, MA" (2001-2, Folder 22); promotional brochure by the Smithsonian Institute for Ken Light's Delta Time (2001-2, Folder 23).

Southside Gallery Collection.  1990s-present.  Promotional items for Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi.

James "Son" Thomas Sculpture.  Sculpture of Sam Chatmon by blues musician and artist Son Thomas.  See Blues Curator.

University Small Manuscripts.  Includes 1952 list of night classes in the Art Department and a 1954 invitation to an art open house (Folder 2-7).

Vertical Files.  Files with clippings on general art topics as well as Blanche Batson, Kate Freeman Clark, Maud Faulkner, Theora Hamblett, William Hollingsworth, Marie Hull, Sykes Kennon, William Cary Lester, John McCrady, Glennray Tutor, Fine Arts Festival, as well as "University -- Art Department," "University -- Art Exhibits," "University -- Buildings -- Fine Arts Building," "University -- Fine Arts Festival," and "University -- Museums." 

Vice Chancellors Collection.  1946-1976.  Files from vice chancellors at the University of Mississippi, including several on art and the Mary Buie Museum (46 boxes).

Miriam Weems/Dr. Charles Noyes Collection.  1987-2008.  Correspondence between University of Mississippi English professor Charles Noyes and his former student Miriam Weems, a Mississippi artist (3 boxes).

Welty/Bill Ferris Correspondence Collection.  1977-1994.  Correspondence between Mississippi author Eudora Welty and Bill Ferris, one of which discusses use of her photographs in Images of the South (1 box).

Eudora Welty Periodicals.  1937-1998.  Includes periodicals with articles related to Eudora Welty, including several on art and photography.  (3 boxes).

Eudora Welty Small Manuscripts.  1925-2005.  Includes material related Eudora Welty, with several items on art and photography.  (6 boxes).

John Sharp Williams Collection.  1862-1943.  John Sharp Williams served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1893-1908) and the U.S. Senate (1911-1922).  Includes files with material related to political cartoons featuring Williams (Folder 4-20), information regarding an oil painting of U.S. Senator James K. Vardaman (Folder 9-20), and clippings on a Karl Wolfe portrait of Williams and a portrait of Leroy Percy (Folder 11-4) (11 boxes).  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collections Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

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