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Art (Archives): Primary Sources

Primary Source Publications on Mississippi A-J

1976 UNICEF Engagement Calendar:  The Child in Naive Art.  United Nations, NY:  United Nations Children's Fund, [1975].  Cover by Theora Hamblett.  Call Number:  ND237 H3 N5 1975.

Alain Desvergnes, Alain Dister, Gilles Mora:  Notre Amérique:  Espace Photographique de Paris, 5-24 Novembre 1991.  Paris:  Espace Photo, c.1991.  Exhibition with photographs of Mississippi.  Call Number:  TR644 D47 1991.

William Albert Allard.  The Photographic Essay.  Boston:  Little, Brown, 1989.  Includes section on photographer's Mississippi images for a National Geographic story.  Call Number:  TR680 A46 1989.

Allison Art Colony.  [Canton, MS:  Madison County Board of supervisors].  Special Collections has scattered issues from 1950 to 1960-61.  Call Number:  N125 M7 A4.

Agnes Grinstead Anderson.  Approaching the Magic Hour:  Memories of Walter Anderson.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1989.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 A84 1989.

H.C. Anderson.  Separate, But Equal:  The Mississippi Photographs of Henry Clay Anderson.  New York:  PublicAffairs, 2002.  Call Number:  F349 G8 A85 2002.

Leif Anderson.  Dancing with My Father.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2005.  Memoir by daughter of artist Walter Anderson.  Call Number:  NX512 A544 A2 2005.

The Anglo-American Art Museum in Cooperation with the Pilgrimage Garden Club of Natchez Presents Natchez-Made Silver of the Nineteenth Century; January 4 -- March 5, 1970.  Baton Rouge:  1970.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK7111 A7.

A.P. Antippas.  10 Southern Black Folk Artists.  Houston, TX:  ICONS Gallery, 1990.  Exhibition includes Mary T. Smith and James "Son" Thomas.  Call Number:  NK839.3 A35 T46 1990.

The Art of Theora Hamblett.  [University, MS:  196-].  Pamphlet issued with documentary "The Art of Theora Hamblett."  Call Number:  ND237 H3 H2.

Art Study Club, Jackson, Mississippi, 1912-1913.  Jackson, MS:  Tucker Printing House, [1912].  Call Number:  HQ1906 J3 A77 1912.

Artfirst:  Mississippi Artists on the Move.  University, MS:  Department of Art.  Special Collections has Spring 2000 issue.  Call Number: 

Artifacts.  Jackson, MS:  Mississippi Museum Association.  Periodical; Special Collections has one 1981 issue.  Call Number:  AM12 M7 A78.

Artist Rosters, 2006-2007.  Jackson, MS:  Mississippi Arts Commission, [2006].  Call Number:  NX510 M7 A78 2007.

Arts Club of Chicago.  A Second Talent:  An Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings by Writers.  [Chicago:  1971].  Includes Tennessee Williams painting.  Call Number:  NC90 A77.

The Arts in Mississippi.  Jackson:  Mississippi Arts Commission.  Special Collections has scattered issues from 1970 to 1976; State Documents has 1969-1977.  Call Number:  NX510 M7 A6.

Baking in the Sun:  Visionary Images from the South, Selections from the Collection of Syvia and Warren Lowe.  Lafayette:  University Art Museu, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1987.  Features Mississippi artists Burgess Dulaney, Mary T. Smith, James "Son" Thomas, George Williams, and Luster Willis.  Call Number:  N6538 N5 B35 1987.

Frederick A.P. Barnard.  Art Culture:  Its Relation to National Refinement and National Morality.  An Oration Pronounced before the Alabama Alpha of the Society of the Phi Beta Kappa, at Its Anniversary, July 11th, 1854.  Tuscaloosa, AL:  M.D.J. Slade, 1854.  Barnard later served as chancellor of the University of Mississippi.  Call Number:  N7450 B25.

Tom Beck and Adrienne Manns.  Building a New World:  Black Labor Photographs.  [Catonsville, MD]:  University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1982.  Exhibition catalog  featuring Mississippi photographs by Roland Freeman.  Call Number:  N8232 B9 1982.

The Biloxi Art Pottery of George Ohr:  An Exhibition at the Mississippi State Historical Museum, April 21 -- May 31, 1978.  Baton Rouge:  Moran Industries, 1978.  Call Number:  NK4210 O3 O3x.

Birney Imes III:  An Exhibition of Photographs.  Laurel, MS: Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, [1984].  Call Number:  TR647 I323 L3 1984.

Patti Carr Black.  Eudora.  Jackson:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1984.  Exhibition of Eudora Welty photographs.  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 Z64 1984.

Patti Carr Black.  Eudora Welty, Other Places:  An Exhibition at the Mississippi State Historical Museum, Jackson, Mississippi.  Jackson:  Mississippi State Historical Museum, 1995.  Call Number:  TR647 W4.

The Black Photographers Annual.  [Brooklyn, NY].  Special Collections has 1973 edition with photographs by Bill Jackson and a 1980 edition with photograph by Roland Freeman.  Call Number:  TR640 B53.

Dusty Bongé.  Dusti Bongé:  The Life of an Artist.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1982.  Mississippi painter.  Call Number:  ND237 B7255 A2 1982.

John E. Bowlt.  Russian Stage Design:  Scenic Innovation, 1900-1930:  From the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky.  Jackson:  Mississippi Museum of Art, 1982.  Exhibition commemorating the II International Ballet Competition in Jackson.  Call Number:  PN2091 S8 B645 1982 OVRS.

Ernest L. Boyer.  What Is an Educated Person?  Arts Education for a Rapidly Changing World.  Jackson:  Mississippi Humanities Council, [1995].  Call Number:  NX282 B69 1995.

Catalogue of Whitworth Female College and Conservatory of Music and Art.  Jackson, MS.  Call Number:  LD7251 B789.

Hervé Chandès.  William Eggleston.  London:  Thames & Hudson, 2002.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 E27 2002.

Jack Cofield.  William Faulkner:  The Cofield Collection.  Oxford, MS:  Yoknapatawpha Press, 1978.  Oxford photographer.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 Z757695.

David Colley.  Faulkner:  With Photographic Images.  [1971].  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 Z77713 1971.

Claire Constans and Xavier Salmon, eds.  Splendors of Versailles:  Presented by the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, Inc. and Musée National des Chateaux de Versailles et de Trianon.  New York:  Welcome Enterprise, 1998.  Call Number:  NA7736 V5 C65 1998 OVRS.

Contemporary Turkish Art Gathered by Studio 7 of Jane Downs Carter.  Gulfport, MS:  Dixie Press, 1962.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N6530 M7 C66 1962.

Ron Dale.  "The Mad Potter of Biloxi."  University, MS:  1983.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK4210 O3 O427 1983.

Douglas Day.  Mississippi Folklife Resources:  A Survey of Organizations, Institutions, Associations, and Independent Researchers Submitted by Dr. Douglas Day from the Southern Council for Folk Culture for the Mississippi Arts, Commission, May 1999.  Call Number:  GR110 M7 D39 1999.

Dedication of Buildings:  Walter Sillers Coliseum, Zeigel Fine Arts Hall, Cain-Tatum Dormitory, Caylor-Williams Dormitory.  [Cleveland, MS:  Delta State College, 1961].  Call Number:  LD1492 D4 D43 1961.

Alain Desvergnes.  Yoknapatawpha.  Saint-Pons, France:  Marvarl, 1988.  Exhibition of Mississippi photographs.  PS3511 A86 Z77269 1988

Alain Desvergnes.  Yoknapatawpha, le pays de William Faulkner.  Paris:  Marval, c.1990.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 Z7727 1990.

Alain Desvergnes.  Yoknapatawpha, le pays de William Faulkner.  Paris:  Marval, 1989.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 Z7727 1989.

Dimensions and Directions:  Black Artists of the South:  A Survey Exhibition of Works by Contemporary Black Artists from 11 Southeastern States Organized by the Mississippi Museum of Art and Funded in Part by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Jackson, MS:  1980.  Call Number:  N6538 N5 D47 1980.

Directory of Arts Organizations in Mississippi.  Mississippi Arts Commission.  Special Collections has 1974/75.  Call Number:  NX24 M7 M7.

Double Page.  Paris:  Éditions Snep.  Special Collections has Mississippi Issue 24 (1983) of this photography journal with photographs by Fred Mayer.  Call Number:  TR640 D6 no. 24.

Edgar Draper.  Images of Madness.  Jackson, MS:  Communication Arts Co., [198-].  Traveling exhibition depicting mental illness.  Call Number:  RC454.5 I4 1980z.

John Paul Driscoll.  Walter Anderson, Realizations of the Islander.  Walter Anderson Estate, 1985.  Exhibition at the School of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 A5 1985.

Jeff Dunas.  State of the Blues.  New York:  Aperture, 1998.  Exhibition produced with support of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Call Number:  ML3521 D86 1998 OVRS.

Iris Easterling, ed.  The Sarah Ellen Gillespie Museum of Art:  Handbook of the Collection.  Hattiesburg, MS:  William Carey University, 2012.  Call Number:  N576 H35 A5 2012.

William Eggleston.  Ancient and Modern.  New York:  Random House, 1992.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 E27 1992.

William Eggleston.  Election Eve:  William Eggleston, December 10, 1977 -- January 22, 1978, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 E27 1978.

William Eggleston.  The Democratic Forest.  New York:  Doubleday, 1989.  Call Number:  TR654 E34 1989.

William Eggleston.  William Eggleston 2 1/4.  Santa Fe:  Twin Palms, 1999.  Signed limited edition in slipcase.  Call Number:  TR647 E33 1999.

William Eggleton:  Louisiana, 14. August -- 18 Oktobert 1992.  [Humlebæk, Denmark]:  Louisiana, [1992].  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 E27 1992a.

Michael Evans.  People and Power:  Portraits from the Federal Village.  New York:  H.N. Abrams, 1985.  Exhibition at Corcoran Gallery of Art; includes portrait of Trent Lott.  Call Number:  F193 E93 1985 OVRS.

A. Everette James.  A Southern Folk Art Collection.  Nashville, TN:  Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, 1991.  Exhibition including Mississippi artist James "Son" Thomas

The Eye of the Law:  An Exhibition in Honor of the One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the University of Mississippi Law Center:  The University Museums, October 2 -- December 4, 1978.  University, MS:  1978.  Call Number:  N8219 L3 E9 1978.

Roland L. Freeman.  Something to Keep You Warm:  The Roland Freeman Collection of Black American Quilts from the Mississippi Heartland:  An Exhibition at the Mississippi State Historical Museum, a Division of the Department of Archives and History, June 14 -- August 9, 1981.  Jackson, MS:  1981.  Call Number:  NK9112 F73.

Roland L. Freeman.  Southern Roads/City Pavements:  Photographs of Black Americans.  New York:  International Center of Photography, 1981.  Exhibited at Mississippi State Historical Museum.  Call Number:  E185.86 F772 1981.

Friends of Walter Anderson Inc.  A Checklist of the Permanent Collection:  Prepared on the Occasion of an Exhibition at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, Mississippi, Autumn, 1986.  Call Number:  ND237 A6426 A4 1986.

Theora Hamblett.  Dreams Can Work for You.  [1970].  Call Number:  ND237 H3 H3.

Theora Hamblett with Ed Meek and William S. Haynie.  Theora Hamblett Paintings.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1975.  Call Number:  ND237 H3 H34.

Eugene Hecht.  After the Fire:  George Ohr, an American Genius.  Lambertville, NJ:  Arts and Crafts Quarterly Press, 1994.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK4210 O42 H42 1994.

Parker Hills.  Vicksburg National Military Park:  Art of Commemoration.  Vicksburg, MS:  Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, [2011].  Sculpture.  Call Number:  NA9325 H55 2011.

Ralph M. Hudson.  Black Artists/South.  Huntsville, AL:  Huntsville Museum of Art, 1979.  Exhibition catalog includes Mississippi artists Richmond Barthé, Herman Beasley, Marion A. Epting, Sam Gilliam, John W. Howard, James E. Kennedy, Oscar Logan, Joe Overstreet, John Payne, Robert S. Pious, James W. Washington Jr., Jessie Whitehead, and Walter J. Williams Jr.  Call Number:  N6538 N5 H8.

Joe Mac Huspeth.  In the Southern Wild:  Photographs.  Jackson, MS:  University Press of Mississippi, 2003.  Call Number:  TR729 W54 2003.

Birney Imes.  Juke Joint:  Photographs.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1990.  Call Number:  TR654 I42 1990.

Birney Imes.  Partial to Home.  Washington, DC:  Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994.  Photographs.  Call Number:  TR654 I425 1994.

James "Son" Thomas:  Exhibition of Clay Sculpture, January 17 -- February 22, 1985, University Art Gallery, New Mexico State University.  Las Cruces, NM:  The Gallery, [1985].  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NB237 T476 N49 1985.

A. Everette James.  African Americans in Southern Art (1840-1950):  Farmer/James Collection.  University, MS:  University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses, 2005.  Exhibition catalog.  Call Number:  N8232 A37 2005.

Paula Tadlock Jennings and Joanne S. Prichard.  Mississippi; Folk Arts & Folklife Collections:  A Directory.  [Jackson:  Missisippi Arts Commission, 1983].  Call Number:  NK835 M7 J45 1983.

John McCrady, 1911-1968:  Essay and Catalog.  New Orleans Museum of Art, 1975.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  ND237 M18 M37.

Robert Townsend Jones Jr.  Southern Rhythms:  Photographs.  [Jackson, MS]:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1985.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 J665 1985.

Primary Source Publications on Mississippi K-Z

Stephen Kirkpatrick.  Images of Madison County.  Madison, MS:  Thy Marvelous Works, 2006.  Photography.  Call Number:  QH105 M7 K55 2006.

Gunilla Knape.  William Eggleston.  Göteborg, Sweden:  Hasselblad Center, 1999.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TR647 E28x 1999.

The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art:  Handbook of the Collections.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2003.  Catalog of Laurel, Mississippi museum.  Call Number:  N582 L23 A57 2003.

The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art:  Handbook of the Collections.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1989.  Catalog of Laurel, Mississippi museum.  Call Number:  N582 L23 A57 1989.

The Leadership Portrait of Senator Trent Lott.  [Washington, DC:  Commission on Art, 2009].  Unveiling of portrait of Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi (Majority Leader, 1996-2003) by Steven Polson.  Call Number:  E840.8 L675 L433 2009.

Jane Livingston and John Beardsley.  Black Folk Art in America, 1930-1980.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1982.  Includes Mississippi artists Elijah Pierce, James "Son Ford" Thomas, George Williams, and Luster Willis.  Special Collections volume signed by authors and several of the artists.  Call Number:  N6538 N5 L58.

Made by Hand:  Mississippi Folk Art.  Jackson:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1980.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK835 M7 M29.

Paul David Magriel, ed.  Art and the Soldier.  Biloxi, MS:  Special Service, Keesler Field, [1943].  Call Number:  N6512 M25.

The Majesty of Spain:  Royal Collections from the Museo del Prado and the Patrimonio Nacional.  Jackson:  Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, Inc., c. 2001.  Exhibition at Mississippi Arts Pavilion.  Call Number:  N7106 M35 2001 OVRS.

Marie Hull Retrospective Exhibition:  Paintings from 1916 to 1966.  [Jackson:  Mississippi Art Association, 1966].  Call Number:  ND237 H89 M3757 1966.

The Mary Buie Museum Presents Paintings by Miss Theora Hamblett:  Children's Singing Games and Folk Games, July 9 -- July 30.  [Oxford, MS:  196-].  Exhibition.  Call Number:  ND347 H3 H333.

Masters of Merigold:  40 Years of McCarty Pottery.  [University, MS]:  University Museums, 1996.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK4210 M34 A4 1996.

M.B. Mayfield.  The Baby Who Crawled Backwards:  An Autobiography.  Memphis:  Langford & Associates, 2003.  African American artist from Ecru, Mississippi.  Call Number:  N6537 M3962 A2 2003.

Wendy McDaris, ed.  Visualizing the Blues:  Images of the American South.  Memphis:  Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 2000.  Exhibition including photographs by Eudora Welty and other Mississippi photographers.  Call Number:  TR654 V57 2000.

Mississippi Arts Commission. Annual Report.  Jackson, MS.  Special Collections has 1973 edition; State Documents contains other years.  Call Number:  NX24 M7 A3.

Mississippi Arts Commission.  Folk Art Is an Expression of Values...  Jackson, MS:  [2005].  Call Number:  N5313 F65 2005.

Mississippi Catfish on Parade, Jackson, Mississippi:  A Project of the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, Inc.  Brandon, MS:  Quail Ridge Press, 2003.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N7668 F57 M57 2003.

Mississippi Folknews:  The Official Newsletter of the Mississippi Folklife Association.  Jackson, MS:  [2002].  Folk art.  Call Number:  NK835 M7 M5 2002.

Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Miss.  Mississippi Silver.  [1979]  Exhibition.  Call Number:  NK7112 M57 1979.

The Mississippi Museum of Art Presents:  Collage & Assemblage.  Jackson, MS:  1981.  Call Number:  N7433.7 M58.

Ethel Wright Mohamed.  My Life in Pictures.  Jackson:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1976.  Embroidery.  Call Number:  NK9298 M63 A25.

Ann Morrison and Patti Carr Black.  Walter Anderson for Children.  Mississippi Department of Archives & History, 1984.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 W34 1984.

William D. Mounger.  Amidst the Fray:  My Life in Politics, Culture, and Mississippi.  Brandon, MS:  Quail Ridge Press, 2006.  Memoir of art patron.  Call Number:  F330.3 M68 A3 2006.

Ken Murphey.  Mississippi:  Photographs.  Bay Saint Louis, MS:  Ken Murphey South, 2006.  Call Number:  F342 M87 2006 OVRS.

National Works on Paper Presented by the Print Club in Cooperation with the Dept. of Art and the University Museums at the University Museums, University of Mississippi, Oxford-University.  University, MS:  1991.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N6487 U5 U55 1991.

New Deal Art:  Images of Mississippi.  University, MS;  University Museums, 1994.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N8838 N49 1994.

Henry C. Norman.  Natchez Victorian Children:  Photographic Portraits, 1865-1915.  Natchez, MS:  Myrtle Bank Press, 1981.  Call Number:  TR652 N672.

Henry C. Norman.  Norman's Natchez:  An Early Photographer and His Town.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1978.  Call Number:  TR652 N67 1978.

O Look!  Heaven Is Coming to Earth:  Dreams and Visions of Theora Hamblett.  [University, MS:  199-].  Exhibition.  Call Number:  ND237 H258 H36 1990z.

Open Doors Oral History Interview with G. Ray Kerciu, 2003.  DVD recording of interview with G. Ray Kercui, art professor at the University of Mississippi during the 1962 integration riot; his subsequent art exhibit elicited protest.  Call Number:  LD3413 O735 K47 2002.

James C. Patterson, ed.  Wyatt Waters, Another Coat of Paint:  An Artist's View of Jackson, Mississippi.  Brandon, MS:  Quail Ridge Press, 1995.  Call Number:  ND1839 W33 A4 1995.

Reginia Perry.  What It Is:  Black American Folk Art from the Collection of Reginia Perry, October 6-27, 1982.  Richmond, VA:  Anderson Galler, [1982].  Exhibition catalog that includes Mississippi artist Luster Willis.  Call Number:  N6538 N5 P45 1982.

Photographs by Eudora Welty.  [Jackson, MS:  Old Capitol Museum, 1995].  Program.  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 Z78247 1995.

Picturing Our Past:  Photographs from the Allen Collection, 1906-1915.  [Port Gibson, MS:  Mississippi Cultural Crossroads, 199-].  Exhibition.  Call Number:  F349 P66 P53.

Jim Puckett & Bob Smith.  Mississippi Blacksmithing.  Laurel, MS:  Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, 1986.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TT220 P82 1986.

Charles H. Pyne.  African Art from Mississippi Collections:  An Exhibition at the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, Mississippi State University, February 13 -- March 9, 1983.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N7398 P96 1983.

A Retrospective Exhibition of William Hollingsworth Jr:  Fielding L. Wright Art Center, Delta State University, October 6-31, 1974.  [Cleveland, MS]:  1974.  Call Number:  N6537 H57 H65 1974.

Agnes F. Ricketts.  The Mississippi Art Association, Inc. and the Municipal Art Gallery.  [Jackson, MS:  1961].  Golden anniversary.  Call Number:  N511 M7 M577 1961.

Roland L. Freeman Portfolio.  University, MS:  Center for the Study of Southern Culture, c.1992.  Call Number:  TR647 F75 R65 1992.

Lynn Green Root.  Narrative Landscapes, Portraits, and Works on Paper.  [1990].  Number 102 of 500 signed by the Mississippi artist.  Call Number:  ND237 R686 N3 OVRS.

Ronald Schnell, ed.  The Art Collections of Tougaloo College.  Tougaloo, MS:  Tougaloo College, 1978.  Catalogue.  Call Number:  N5220 T68 S23 1978.

Scope.  Jackson, MS:  Cain Lithographers, 1964-1971.  Mississippi arts periodical.  Call Number:  F349 J13 A1.

Sea, Earth, Sky:  The Art of Walter Anderson:  An Exhibition at the Mississippi State Historical Museum, Jackson, Mississippi.  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1980.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 A4 1980.

Shearwater Pottery, East Beach Road, Ocean Springs, Miss.  [Ocean Springs, MS:  Shearwater Pottery, 19--].  Promotional pamphlet.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 S54.

Charles E. Shepard.  Address Delivered by the Hon. Charles E. Shepard, Chancellor of the Diocese of Olympia, at the Unveiling of the Chancellors' Window in Trinity Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, April the 8th, 1913.  Call Number:  BX5980 H38 S54 1913.

Something about Your Art Gallery.  [Jackson:  Mississippi Art Association, 194-].  Call Number:  N511 M7 S66 1940z.

The South by Its Photographers.  Birmingham, AL:  Birmingham Museum of Art, 1996.  Includes Mississippi photographers Maude Schuyler Clay, Birney Imes, and Jack Spencer.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  F210 S675 1996 OVRS.

Southern Association of Sculptures Inc.  Southern Sculpture '66.  Columbus, SC:  [1966].  Catalog for traveling exhibit that visited the University of Mississippi; includes work of Mississippi artists Charles Ambrose, Bill Dunlap, Roberta Phay, and Ben Wooten.  Call Number:  NB220 S687 1966.

Southern Realism:  An Exhibition Organized by the Mississippi Museum of Art and Sponsored by McRae's Department Stores and the Southern Arts Federation.  Jackson, MS:  1979.  Call Number:  N6512.5 R4 S68.

Theora Hamblett.  [University, MS:  1955].  Invitation to exhibition at University of Mississippi.  Call Number:  ND237 H3 H337 1955.

The Thomas and Harriet Gibbons Georgian Silver Collection and Other Silver at Lauren Rogers Library and Museum of Art, Laurel, Mississippi.  Laurel, MS:  1979.  Call Number:  NK7143 L38 1979.

Carole E. Thompson.  An American Master:  Walter Anderson of Mississippi.  Memphis:  Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, 1988.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N6537 A48 T36 1988.

Carole E. Thompson.  Strangers in Their Own Land:  A Choctaw Portfolio:  An Exhibition at the Mississippi State Historical Museum, a Division of the Department of Archives and History, April 3 -- May 15, 1983:  Photographs.  [Jackson, MS:  1983].  Call Number:  E99 C8 T47 1983.

To Live Upon Canvas:  The Portrait Art of Thomas Cantwell Healy:  Mississippi Museum of Art, April 18 -- June 15, 1980.  Call Number:  ND237 H416 T6 1980 OVRS.

Lucy Turnbull.  "The Museum of Classical Archaeology" in Archaeological News 2:3 (Fall 1973).  University of Mississippi.  Call Number:  AM12 M7 T87 1973.

University of Mississippi.  Division of Continuing Education and Extension.  A Report of Cultural Programs and Organizations Compiled for the Mississippi Arts Commission... [197-].  Call Number:  NX510 M7 M7.

University of Mississippi.  University Museum.  Dedication:  The Seymour Lawrence Gallery of American Art and the Fortune Gallery.  [University, MS:  1998].  Call Number:  AM12 M7 D43 1998.

Maude Southwell Wahlman and Ella King Torrey.  Ten Afro-American Quilters:  Featuring Mozell Benson, Arester Earl, Johanna Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Plummer Pettway, Susie Ponds, Pearlie Posey, Sarah Mary Taylor, Lucinda Toomer, Pecolia Warner.  University, MS:  Center for the Study of Southern Culture, 1983.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  TT835 W34 1983.

James Perry Walker.  The Preacher and His Congregation:  Photographs by James Perry Walker:  February 5 -- March 19, 2000, Flint Institute of Arts.  Flint, MI:  2000.  Exhibition of documentary photography on African American churches in Marshall County, Mississippi.  Call Number:  TR680 W27 2000.

Eudora Welty.  "Another Time:  A Writer Looks Back at Snapshots Made During the Depression and Discovers that Her Camera Was Guided by Angel of Trust" in American Photographer 13:1 (July 1984).  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 O5 1984.

Eudora Welty.  Four Photographs.  [Northridge, CA:  Lord John Press, 1984].  Limited edition.  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 F68 1984.

Eudora Welty.  Eudora Welty:  Photographs.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1989.  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 P48 1989.

Eudora Welty.  Some Notes on River Country.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2003.  Illustrated by Welty photographs.  Call Number:  F347 M6 W45 2003.

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Robert N.S. Whitelaw, et al.  A Study on Art in Education and in Industry:  For the State of Mississippi.  1948.  Call Number:  N8846 M7 S78 1948.

Karl Wolfe.  Mississippi Artist:  A Self-Portrait.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1979.  Call Number:  ND237 W784 A2 1979.

The World of Walter Anderson, 1903-1965:  A Traveling Exhibition of Drawings, Oils, Blockprints, Tempera, Watercolors.  Memphis:  Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, 1967.  Call Number:  ND237 A6426 A53 1967 OVRS.

James Yood.  Mississippi Invitational 1999.  Jackson, MS:  Mississippi Museum of Art, 1999.  Exhibition.  Call Number:  N6530 M7 M573 1999.

D.C. Young.  Biloxi's Ethnic Heritage:  Images of Change and Tradition.  Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1989.  Exhibition of photography first shown at Mississippi Museum of Art/Gulf Coast.  Call Number:  F349 B5 Y68 1989.

Stephen Flinn Young.  Mississippi Choctaw Crafts.  Jackson, MS:  Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi.  Exhibitions.  Call Number:  E99 C8 M57 1983a.