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Art (Archives): Art in Books

Art Books A-F

American Institute of Graphic Arts.  WAD:  The Work of W.A. Dwiggins Shown by the American Institute of Graphic Arts at the Gallery of the Architectural League.  New York:  1937.  Call Number:  Z276 A49 1937.

C.R. Ashbee.  An Endeavor Towards the Teaching of John Ruskin and William Morris:  Being a Brief Account of the Work, the Aims, and the Principles of the Guild of Handicraft in East London.  [London:  Edward Arnold, 1901].  Limited edition; woodblocks and cuts by George Thompson.  Call Number:  NK1142 A7.

John Ashton.  The Legendary History of the Cross:  A Series of Sixty-Four Woodcuts from a Dutch Book Published by Veldener, A.D. 1483 with an Introduction Written and Illustrated by John Ashton.  London:  T. Fisher Unwin, 1887.  Call Number:  Z241 H43 1887.

John James Audubon.  The Birds of America:  From Drawings Made in the United States and Their Territories.  New York:  V.G. Audubon, 1856.  Second edition; 6 volumes.  Call Number:  QL674 A9 1856.

John James Audubon.  The Quadrupeds of North America.  New York:  V.G. Audubon, 1854.  Volumes 1 & 3.  Call Number: QL715 A92 1854.

John James Audubon.  The Quadrupeds of North America.  New York:  V.G. Audubon, 1856.  Volume 2.  Call Number:  QL715 A92 1856.

Stephen Vincent Benèt.  Johnny Pye & the Fool-Killer.  Weston, VT:  Countryman Press, [1938].  Drawings by Charles Child.  Limited edition signed by author and artist.  Call Number:  PS3503 E5325 J63 1938.

William John Bernhard.  Taboo, in Lino-Cuts.  [New York]:  1927.  Printed by hand from original blocks and colored.  Limited and signed edition.  Call Number:  NE1336 B47 T32 OVRS.

William Blake.  William Blake.  XVII Designs to Thornton's Virgil, Reproduced from the Original Woodcuts, MDCCCXXI.  Portland, ME:  T.B. Mosher, 1899.  Limited edition.  Call Number:  Z239 M88 B4w 1899.

Robert Boissart.  Mascarades, recuillies & mises en taille douce.  Valentianois, 1597.  With this is bound engravings of Luigi Riccoboni's "Histoire du theatre italien" (Paris, 1730-31) and Raffaelle Saminossi's "Six figures of Sincertas, Libertas."  Engravings.  Call Number:  GT1740 B6.

Jean de Boschère.  Job le pauvre.  Paris:  J. Povolovzky, circa 1922.  With portrait of author by Wyndham Lewis as frontispiece and fourteen black gravures by author on colored paper.  Call Number:  PQ2603 O63 J62.

Dorothea Braby.  The Commandments.  [Leigh-on-Sea, England]:  F. Lewis, [1946].  Call Number:  NC115 B69 A43.

Larry Brown.  Billy Ray's Farm.  Decatur, GA:  Wisteria Press, 1997.  Limited edition in handmade box with engravings by Barry Moser.  Call Number:  PS3552 R6927 B54 1997.

Larry Brown.  Billy Ray's Farm.  Decatur, GA:  Wisteria Press, 1997.  Limited, signed edition with engravings by Barry Moser.  Call Number:  PS3552 R6927 B43 1997a.

Robert Olen Butler.  Coffee, Cigarettes, and a Run in the Park.  Decatur, GA:  Wisteria Press, 1996.  Limited, signed edition in handmade box with engravings by Barry Moser.  Call Number:  PS3552 U8278 C58 1996.

Calliope or English Harmony:  A Collection of the Most Celebrated English and Scots Songs Neatly Engrav'd and Embelish'd with Designs Adapted to the Subject of Each Song Taken from the Composition of the Best Masters in the Most Correct Manner with the Thorough Bass and Transpositions for the Flute (London:  Henry Roberts, 1739-1746).  Engravings are hand colored.  Call Number:  M1619 C344 1739.

Lewis Carroll.  Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There.  West Hatfield, MA:  Pennyroyal Press, 1982.  Limited edition with 95 wood engravings by Barry Moser in a portfolio signed by the artist.  Call Number:  PR4611 T5 1982 OVRS.

John Cassin.  Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British, and Russian American:  Intended to Contain Descriptions and Figures of all North-American Birds Not Given by Former American Authors, and a General Synopsis of North American Ornithology.  Philadelphia:  J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1856.  Call Number:  QL681 C34 OVRS.

Mark Catesby.  The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands Containing Two Hundred and Twenty Figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects and Plants.  London:  Benjamin White, 1771.  Two volumes.  Call Number:  QH41 C28 1771 Oversized Boxed Books.

Geoffrey Chaucer.  The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales with Original Screen Images Designed by Ronald King.  Guildford, England:  Circle Press Publications, 1978.  Limited edition signed by artist with one original screen print or lithograph inserted in a folder.  Call Number:  PR1868 P8 1978 OVRS.

Emily Clark.  Stuffed Peacocks.  New York:  A.A. Knopf, 1927.  With woodcuts by Wharton Esherick.  Call Number:  PS3503 A54485 A16 1927.

Alphaeus Philemon Cole and Margaret Ward Walmsley Cole.  Timothy Cole; Wood-Engraver.  New York:  Pioneer Associates, 1935.  Limited edition.  Call Number:  NE1215 C6 C6.

Allan Rohan Crite.  Were You There When They Crucified My Lord; A Negro Spiritual in Illustrations.  Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 1944.  Call Number:  N8053 C7 1944 OVRS.

Baron Georges Cuvier.  The Animal Kingdom, Arranged According to Its Organization, Serving as a Foundation for the Natural History of Animals:  And an Introduction to Comparative Anatomy.  London:  G. Henderson, 1834-37.  With 800 colored plates in four volumes.  Call Number:  QL45 C9465.

Emmanuel Domenech.  Seven Years' Residence in the Great Deserts of North America, by the Abbe Em. Domenech...Illustrated with Fifty-Eight Woodcuts by A. Joliet, Three Plates of Ancient Indian Music, and a Map Showing the Actual Situtation of the Indian Tribes and the Country Described by the Author.  London:  Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1860.  Two volumes; English translation of French edition.  Call Number:  F593 D653.

W.A. Dwiggins.  [1925 Calendar].  New York:  Marchbanks Press, [1924].  Call Number:  Z232 M33 D95 1924.

W.A. Dwiggins.  WAD to RR:  A Letter about Designing Type.  Cambridge:  Harvard College Library, Dept. of Printing and Graphic Arts, 1940.  Call Number:  Z250 A3 D85.

Seymour Eaton, ed.  Shakespeare Rare Print Collection.  [Philadelphia:  R.G. Kennedy & Co., 1900].  Loose plates of prints.  Call Number:  PR2883 E3 OVRS.

Walker Evans:  14 Photographs.  [New Haven, CT:  Ives-Sillman, [19--].  Limited, signed portfolio.  Call Number:  TR653 E9317 1900z.

William Faulkner.  Father Abraham.  New York:  Red Ozier Press, 1983.  Limited edition with wood engravings by John DePol.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 F35.

William Faulkner.  New Orleans.  University of Alabama Book Arts Program, 1997.  Limited edition broadside folio of Faulkner's poem with artwork by John Scott.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 N36 1997.

William Faulkner.  Spotted Horses.  Columbia, SC:  University of South Carolina Press, 1989.  Signed, limited deluxe edition in slipcase with original lithographs by Boyd Saunders.  Call Number:  PS3511 A86 S9 1989 OVRS.

Federal Writers' Project.  American Stuff:  An Anthology of Prose & Verse by Members of the Federal Writers' Project, with Sixteen Prints by the Federal Art Project.  New York:  Viking Press, 1937.  Call Number:  PS536 F4.

Charles Joseph Finger.  Frontier Ballads, Heard and Gathered.  Garden City, NY:  Doubleday, Page & Company, 1927.  Woodcuts by Paul Honore.  Call Number:  PS593 L8 F5.

Teofilo Folengo.  Opus Merlini Cocaii poete Mantuani Macaraonicorum.  Tusculani apud Lacum Benacensem:  Alexander Paganinus, 1521.  Wood engravings.  Call Number:  PN1489 Z7 F6 1521.

For Aaron Copeland:  On the Occasion of His Seventy-Eighth Birthday, 14 November 1978.  [Winston-Salem, NC]:  Palaemon Press, 1978.  Broadside folio of poems by James Dickey, Reynolds Price, and Robert Penn Warren with a commissioned woodcut by Ann Carter Pollard.  Limited edition.  Call Number:  ML410 C756 F6 OVRS.

Robert Frost.  New Hampshire:  A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes.  New York:  H. Holt and Company, [1928].  With woodcuts by J.J. Lankes.  Call Number:  PS3511 R94 N4.

Art Books G-Z

Kaye Gibbons.  Frost and Flower:  My Life with Manic Depression so Far.  Decatur, GA:  Wisteria Press, 1995.  Limited edition signed by author and artist Barry Moser.  Call Number:  PS3557 I13917 Z465 1995.

Golden Cockerel Press Autumn List, 1950.  London:  Golden Cockerel Press, 1950.  Prospectus with wood engravings by John Buckland-Wright, Clifford Webb, Averil Mackenzie-Grieve, and Dorothea Braby.  Call Number:  Z232 G633 A34 1950.

Rolland Golden.  America's Civil War:  Ten Original Lithographs.  New Orleans:  Bryant Galleries, [197-].  Lithographs signed and numbered.  Call Number:  ND237 G597 A4 1970z.

John Edwards Holbrook.  North American Herpetology: or, A Description of the Reptiles Inhabiting the United States.  Philadelphia:  J. Dobson, 1842.  Second edition in five volumes with colored plates.  Call Number:  QL651 H72.

John Ireland.  Hogarth Illustrated (London:  J. and J. Boydell, 1793-1804). Three volumes.  Call Number:  ND497 H7 I62.

Sykes Kennon.  Memorable Moments.  Biloxi, MS:  1978.  Mississippi author/artist.  Limited edition with wood block prints.  Call Number:  PS3561 E427 M46 1978.

Rockwell Kent.  How I Make a Wood Cut.  Pasadena:  Esto Publishing Co., 1934.  Limited edition.  Call Number:  NE1227 K46 1934.

Rockwell Kent.  Later Bookplates & Marks of Rockwell Kent:  With a Preface by the Artist.  New York:  Pynson Printers, 1937.  Limited, signed edition.  Call Number:  Z239 P98 K46 1937.

S.R. Koehler.  American Art.  Illustrated by Twenty-Five Plates, Executed by the Best American Etchers and Wood Engravers, from Paintings Selected from Public and Private Collections.  New York:  Cassell & Company, [1886].  Call Number:  ND210 K7 OVRS.

L'oeuvre de Léon Bakst pour la belle au bois dormant.  Ballet en cinq actes d'après le conte de Perrault.  Paris:  M. de Brunhoff, 1922.  Limited edition with portrait print of Léon Bakst signed by Pablo Picasso.  Call Number:  ND699 B3 A3.

Baron Albert Denison Londesborough.  Miscellaneous Graphica:  Representations of Anicent, Medieval, and Renaissance Remains in the Possession of Lord Londesborough.  Drawn, Engraved, and Described by Frederick W. Fairholt.  London:  Chapman and Hall, 1857.  Call Number:  NK550 L8.

Guillaume de Lorris.  Le Rommant de la Rose nouuellement reueu et corrige oultre les precedentes Impressions.  Paris:  Pierre Vidoue, [1538].  Wood engraving throughout text.  Call Number:  PQ1527 A1 1538.

Arthur Machen.  The Gray's Inn Coffee House.  Stanford, CA:  Nathan Van Patten, 1949.  Limited edition with wood engravings by Thomas Bewick.  Call Number:  NE1112 B48 M3 1949.

Christopher Marlowe.  The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus:  As It Has Been Acted by the Right Honorable the Earle of Nottingham, His Servants.  London:  The Golden Hours Press, 1932.  Engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton.  Call Number:  Z239.2 G62 M3t.

Thomas Loraine McKenney and James Hall.  History of the Indian Tribes of North America with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principle Chiefs.  Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty Portraits, from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington.  Philadelphia:  E.C. Biddle, 1836-1844.  Three volumes.  Call Number:  E77 M13Note:  one volume is always on display.

François André Michaux.  The North American Sylve, or, A Description of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia:  Considered Particularly with Respect to Their Use in the Arts, and Their Introduction into Commerce; to which Is Added a Description of the Most Useful of the European Forest Trees.  Philadelphia:  Robert P. Smith, 1854.  Colored copperplate engravings.  Special Collections has volume 1.  Call Number:  QK481 M5 1854.

William Morris.  A Note by William Morris on His Aims in Founding the Kelmscott Press, Together with a Short Description of the Press by S.C. Cockerell, & an Annotated List of the Books Printed Thereat.  [Hammersmith:  Kelmscott Press, 1898].  With engraving by Morris of drawing by Edward Burne-Jones.  Call Number:  Z239.2 K3 M6n.

Willie Morris.  My Two Oxfords.  Council Bluffs, IA:  Yellow Barn Press, 1992.  Limited, signed edition with wood engravings by John Del Pol.  Call Number:  PS3563 O75 Z4672 1992.

Anaïs Nin.  This Hunger --:  With Five Woodblocks by Ian Hugo.  New York:  Gemor Press, 1945.  Call Number:  PS3527 I865 T45.

Yoné Noguchi.  Hiroshige.  London:  K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1934.  Limited edition in folding box with two tipped-in wood engraving prints.  Call Number:  NE1325 A5 N57 1934 OVRS.

Thomas Nutall.  The North American Sylva, or A Description of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia:  Not Described in the Work of F. Andrew Michaux, and Containing All the Forest Trees Discovered in the Rocky Mountains, the Territory of Oregon, Down to the Shores of the Pacific, and into the Confines of California, as Well as Various Parts of the United States.  Philadelphia:  R.P. Smith, 1854.  Three volumes with lithographs.  Call Number:  QK481 M5 1854a.

Carolyn Osborn.  Grands:  A Short Story.  [Austin, TX]:  Book Club of Texas, 1990.  Woodcuts by Barbara Whitehead.  Call Number:  PS 3565 S348 G73 1990.

Retratos de los ducientos, y qua renta, y quatro Pontifices Romanos, desde San Pedro, que puso la Silla en Roma en 18. de henero de el año 45. de el Nacimiento de Christo N. Sr. hasta (Clemente Undecimo, 1700).  Engraved portraits of Popes from St. Peter to Clemens XI.  Call Number:  BX956 R48 1700.

Giannes Ritsos.  Return & Other Poems.  [University AL]:  Parallel Editions, 1983.  Limited edition signed by author and artist Sidney Chafetz.  Call Number:  PA5629 I7 A237 1983 OVRS.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  The House of Life.  New Rochelle, NY:  Elston Press, 1901.  Limited edition with decorations by H.M. O'Kane.  Call Number:  Z239 E48 R6h.

Thomas Say.  American Entomology:  A Description of the Insects of North America, with Illustrations Drawn and Colored after Nature.  Boston:  Estes & Lauriat, [1859].  Two volumes.  Call Number:  QL466 S27 1859.

Allen Tate.  The Winter Sea:  A Book of Poems.  [Cummington, MA]:  Cummington Press, 1944.  Limited, signed edition with original painting by Wightman Williams.  Call Number:  PS3539 A74 W5 1944.

Robert Penn Warren.  Blackberry Winter:  A Story Illustrated by Wightman Williams.  [Cummington, MA]:  Cummington Press, 1946.  Limited edition.  Call Number:  Z239 C95 W3b.

Kazan Watanabe.  Isso hyakutai.  Tokyo:  Chunichi Shimbun Shuppan Kyoku, Showa 40 [1965].  Facsimile reproduction of the Watanabi's sketchbook originally published in 1818.  Woodprints.  Call Number:  NE1325 W37 I8 1965.

Eudora Welty.  The Robber Bridegroom.  West Matfield, MA:  Pennyroyal Press, 1987.  Designed and illustrated by Barry Moser; limited edition signed by both author and artist.  Call Number:  PS3545 E537 R6 1987

Tennessee Williams.  Un tramway nomme Desir.  Paris:  Brodas, 1949.  Limited edition with lithographies by Jean Cocteau.  Call Number:  PS3545 I5365 S8 1949.

Otto Zahn.  On Art Binding:  A Monograph.  Memphis:  S.C. Toof & Company, 1904.  Limited, signed edition.  Call Number:  Z266 Z3.