Statistical and Data Resources


ICPSR is is the world’s largest Social Science data archive with a mission to:

•    Collect and preserve research data for future generations
•    Disseminate data economically for further analysis and instruction by researchers, scholars and instructors
•    Serve as a leading quantitative analysis training resource
It has approximately 10,000 datasets with over 500,000 files that are available to University of Mississippi students, faculty and staff for use in their teaching and research.

To download the datasets, each user must create an individual account with ICPSR.  To do so, click the "Log in/Create Account" button in the top right corner of the page, and use your University of Mississippi email address to sign up.  View a short (> 3 minutes) tutorial on creating an ICPSR account.

Within ICPSR’s collections there are a number of thematic collections that have been developed and supported in partnership with other organizations or agencies.  These include: