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Native Americans (Archives): Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections

Thomas G. Abernethy Collection.  Holds a number of files related to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other Native American topics.  (454 boxes).  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collection Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

Aldrich Collection.  Box 19, Folder 21 contains a 20 March letter from R.D. Treadwell in "Choctaw Nation" regarding division of Choctaw land between Mississippi and Alabama, disposal of land by government sale, presence of Native Americans (25 boxes).  The first six boxes of the collection are available as a digital collection.

Marge Baroni Collection.  Box 10, Folder 14 contains a broadsheet entitled "An Appeal in Behalf of the Negro and Indian Missions of the United States" (20 boxes).

Calvin S. Brown Collection.  1907-1926.  Calvin S. Ford wrote Archeology of Mississippi (1926), one of the earliest studies of archeological sites in the state.  Collection includes correspondence, galleys and manuscripts related to the book, and notes on Nanih Waiya (2 boxes).

Roane Fleming Byrnes Collection.  Contains a significant amount of material documenting Byrnes' activities as president of the Natchez Trace Association for twenty-five years.  The Natchez Trace began as an Indian trail (46 boxes). 

Chancellors Collection/Gerald Turner.  Box 2 includes a program and remarks of Chancellor Turner upon the 1991 donation of the History of the Indian Tribes of North America to the University of Mississippi by Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Murrill.  Finding aid available in Special Collections (2 boxes).

Ross A. Collins Collection.  Ross A. Collins served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1921 to 1935 and again from 1937 until 1943.  Page 24 of the scrapbook holds a circa 1945 photograph of Collins with Second Lieutenant Van T. Barfoot, a Mississippi Choctaw and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (2 boxes).  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collection Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.

Conferences Collection Includes a University of Mississippi program for the 1998 Porter L. Fortune History Symposium on "Early Social History of the Southeastern Indians, 1526-1715" (2 boxes).

Cultural Events Collection.  Includes a University of Mississippi program from the 1980 Chancellor's Symposium on Southern History "The Indian Experience in the Southeast" (5 boxes).

Dean Collection.  Box 10, Folder 81 holds an 1836 indenture for land sale between a Chickasaw Indian and William Bogard in Mississippi.  Finding aid available in Special Collections (32 boxes). 

Arthur DeRosier Collection.  1959-1976.  Professional and personal files of Arthur H. DeRosier Jr., a historian and former vice chancellor for academic affairs at UM (1974-1977).  DeRosier is the author of The Removal of the Choctaw Indians (1970) (29 boxes).

James O. Eastland Collection.  James O. Eastland represented Mississippi in the U. Senate in 1941 and from 1943 to his retirement in 1978.  His congressional papers include an extensive file documenting federal relations with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (File Series 3, Subseries 4) as well as constituent correspondence (File Series 3, Subseries 1) and clippings (File Series 2, Subseries 4) on state and national Native American topics (1,800 linear feet).  Patrons should provide notice at least two business days prior to prospective visits so that staff may transfer requested boxes from the Library Annex (an off-site facility) to the Special Collection Reading Room. Please contact Special Collections at (662) 915-7408 to specify requested material.  A small selection of items from the collection are available as a digital collection.

James E. Edmonds Collection.  Box 1, Folder 4 holds an 1893 letter from Maynard Dixon to James E. Edmonds discussing the boundary between the Choctaw and Chickasaw lands, Magazine of American History account of General Bienville's 1736 travels among the Chickasaws, mound on property of Captain W. Hunt, interest in costume and personal appearance of Indians, continued existence of Choctaws in Mississippi.  Letter includes a sketch of "Ye Aboriginal Californian" (3 boxes). This collection has been partially digitized and is available online

Edmondson/Bray/Williams/Stidham Collection.  Box 1, Folder 30 includes a printed document entitled Speech of the Hon. J. Patton Anderson on the Indian War in Washington and Oregon dated 6 August 1856. Finding aid available in Special Collections (43 boxes).

Evans Collection.  Dating from 1806 to 1832, the collection contains several letters regarding the Choctaw Indian Agency in Mississippi (1 box). 

Faulkner Periodicals Collection.  Box 40 includes a copy of Georgia Review (Fall 1967) with Elmo Howell's article "William Faulkner and the Mississippi Indians" and Box 39 holds a copy of The Chronicles of Oklahoma (Autumn 1967) with Elmo Howell's article "President Jackson and William Faulkner's Choctaws" (56 boxes).

Kenneth Goldstein Collection.  Broadside Volume 3 contains a Catnach Steam Press British broadside with a ballad entitled "Indian Lass."  Finding aid available in Special Collections. This collection's broadsides are available as a digital collection.

Barry Hannah Collection.  Box 1, Folder 10 of Mississippi author Barry Hannah's papers include a photocopy of typed verse by Sam Prestridge entitled "Scenario in Which My Grandmama Feeds a Famous Indian" (12 boxes).

Evans Harrington Collection.  Box 35, Folder 7 of UM English professor and author Evans Harrington's papers includes an undated typed manuscript entitled "Last Indian" (42 boxes). 

Arthur Palmer Hudson Collection.  Box 5, Folder 7 of this Mississippi folklorist's papers holds a copy of the lyrics to the song "Indian's Lament" (12 boxes).

Winthrop D. Jordan Collection.  A UM professor of history between 1982 and 1993, the collection includes subject research files on Indians (61 boxes).

Katallagete/James Y. Holloway Collection.  Published in the 1960s through 1991, Katallagete was the journal of the Committee of Southern Churchmen. Includes correspondence and manuscripts by Native American author Vine Deloria Jr (37 boxes).

John Guy Lofton Collection. John Guy Lofton served in the Army of Northern Virginia, Company H, 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.  Correspondence discusses plans to form a Chickasaw regiment (Box 1, Folder 20) (1 box). The John Guy Lofton Collection is digitally available in the Civil War Archive.

Map Collection. Includes several historic maps of Mississippi and the southern states that include indications of Indian territories. 

McAlexander/Marshall County Collection.  The collection contains several research folders related to Native Americans in Holly Springs and Marshall County, Mississippi (23 boxes).

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Small Manuscripts.  Contains a number of circa 2008 pamphlets and publications by and about the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (1 box). 

Mississippi Fine Arts Collection.  Includes a brochure for a 1971 Lela Solomon basketry exhibit (2 boxes). 

Mississippi Landmarks Collection Holds several tourism publications for Mississippi Indian mounds.  Finding aid available in Special Collections (2 boxes). 

Mississippi Periodicals Collection.  Includes "The 'Hills' in the Delta" on the Winterville Indian Mounds in Mid-South (19 July 1970); "The Natchezan Culture Type" in American Antiquity (January 1942); and "Mound Builders of the Mississippi" in Scientific American (March 1952) (6 boxes). 

Dr. T.H. Rayburn Collection.  Box 4 of this philatelic collection of decorated envelopes includes Old West themes including Indians (4 boxes). 

Calvin R. Simmons Collection.  Box 2, Folders 19 and 20 contain 1960 correspondence between Mrs. J.D. Simmons and the Bureau of Indian Affairs regarding genealogical search for the name of a Cherokee and Philemon Beckham in North Carolina during the late 1700s (24 boxes).

Skipwith Revolutionary War Letters.  The collection consists of correspondence addressed to General Nathaniel Greene during the American Revolution War and includes several letters regarding Native American participation in hostilities (1 box).  Available online as a digital collection.

Small Manuscripts 76-5.  A file on Samuel McCorkle includes photocopies of a list of Indian property claims purchased from William Crain and notes taken in the Chickasaw Nation between April-June 1834; another file containing a typewritten manuscript "The Autobiography of Thaddeus McRae, 1831-1880" includes several pages referencing Mississippi Indian tribes.

Small Manuscripts 77-1.  Holds a folder with Sheffield Clark Jr.'s 1957 manuscript "Saga of the Chickasaws."

Small Manuscripts 77-2.  Includes a file on the 1839 case of Betty Allen and the property rights of married women in Mississippi as well as a typed manuscript by A.B. Amis entitled "Two Great Land Trades" concerning treaties with the Choctaw Nation.

Small Manuscripts 79-10 and 79-11.  Includes several federal government and Mississippi government documents from the 1840s on Choctaw and Chickasaw land cessions as well as an 1874 claim from the estate of Greenwood LeFlore.

Small Manuscripts 88-1.  Holds a 26 August 1823 letter to Zecheriah Howes from his son regarding the establishment of mission schools for Choctaws in the Mississippi Territory. 

Small Manuscripts 94-6.  Contains a folder with a variety of material on Mississippi Native Americans, including information on the 1837 Betty Allen case which led to equal property rights for women in Mississippi.

Small Manuscripts 95-3.  A folder contains a 1995 printed invitation to the 50th anniversary celebration of the ratification of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian tribal constitution and reestablishment of tribal government.

Small Manuscripts 98-1.  Includes a pamphlet produced by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians on the Choctaw Heritage Press and the Choctaw Department of Education.

Small Manuscripts 2003-1.  Contains file with the transcriptions of a 1848-49 journal kept by Holly Springs, Mississippi native Henry Craft which covers in part his time at Princeton, New Jersey.  Discusses a Mr. Ballentine destined to serve as a missionary to the Creek Indians in Arkansas and a William Baker who rumors had falsely reported as killed by Indians in Texas.  

Small Manuscripts Broadsheets & Broadsides.  Notice dated 14 November 1835 from George W. Martin concerning the treaty made with the Choctaw Indians at Dancing Rabbit Creek (Folder 19).

Small Manuscripts Oversized.  Contains a 23 January 1895 issue of The Christian Observer with an article on "Home Mission Work among Indians in Texas."

Small Manuscripts Oversized 79-1.  Holds newspapers and photographs regarding Greenwood LeFlore, the last chief of the Choctaws.

Small Manuscripts Oversized 2014-2.  Land deed for Chicksaw Indian Noo Sa Kahtubby signed by President Martin Van Buren and dated 6 October 1840 (Folder 1).

David Todd Collection Includes a typed reminiscence of Kate Shaiffer Sholars born in Port Gibson, Mississippi in 1849 which references Native Americans in Tennessee (3 boxes).

Vertical Files Collection.  Includes files on "Archaeology," "Indians (General)," "Indians -- Chickasaw," "Indians -- Choctaw," and "Indians -- Natchez." 

Elijah M. Walker Collections.  Diary of Caroline King maintained between 1851 and 1860 includes several entries on Native Americans both in Mississippi and out West (2 boxes).

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