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Civil War (Archives): Secondary Source Publications

Secondary Source Publications Related to Mississippi A-H

Includes historical accounts as well as biographies of Mississippians.

James E. Alford.  Letters from the Front:  Echoes of the Civil War.  American History Book Publishing Company, 1999.  Account of a Mississippi family's role in the Civil War.  Call Number:  E464 A4 1999.

Steven E. Ambrose.  Struggle for Vicksburg:  The Battles and Siege that Decided the Civil War.  [Philadelphia]:  Eastern Acorn Press, 1982.  Call Number:  E475.27 S8 1982 OVRS.

The Ballad of Jeremiah Gage and the University Grays.  VHS recording on 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Company A.  Call Number:  E568.5 11th R3 1996.

Michael B. Ballard.  Civil War Mississippi:  A Guide.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2000.  Call Number:  E516 B35 2000.

Michael B. Ballard.  A Long Shadow:  Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1986.  Call Number:  E477.61 B35 1986.

Michael B. Ballard.  Pemberton:  The General Who Lost Vicksburg.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, [1999].  Call Number:  E467.1 P365 B35 1999.

The Battle of Brice's Crossroads.  Baldwyn, MS:  Baldwyn News, 1961.  Call Number:  E476.83 B38 OVRS.

Michael F. Beard.  A Walking Tour of Civil War Corinth.  Siege and Battle of Corinth Commission, 1997.  Map.  Call Number:  G3984 C8 1997 W35.

Edwin C. Bearss.  The Battle of Grand Gulf.  1975.  Call Number:  F347 C5 B43 1975.

Edwin C. Bearss.  The Battle of Jackson, May 14, 1863.  Baltimore:  Gateway Press, 1981.  Call Number:  E475.29 B4.

Edwin C. Bearss.  Decision in Mississippi:  Mississippi's Important Role in the War Between the States.  Jackson, MS:  Mississippi Commission on the War Between the States, [1962].  Call Number:  E568 B4.

Edwin C. Bearss.  Rebel Victory at Vicksburg.  Vicksburg, MS:  Vicksburg Centennial Commemoration Commission, [1963].  Call Number:  E475.27 B4.

Nancy Bercaw.  Gendered Freedoms:  Race, Rights, and the Politics of Household in the Delta, 1861-1875.  Gainsville:  University Press of Florida, 2003.  Call Number:  F347 M6 B47 2003.

John K. Bettersworth.  Confederate Mississippi, the People and Policies of a Cotton State in Wartime.  Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 1943.  Call Number:  F341 B57.

John K. Bettersworth and James W. Silver.  Mississippi in the Confederacy.  [Baton Rouge]:  Louisiana State University Press, [1961].  Two volumes.  Call Number:  E568 M5.

Brice's Cross Roads.  Columbus, OH:  Blue & Gray Enterprises, 1999.  Call Number:  E476.83 B75 1999.

Dee Alexander Brown.  Grierson's Raid:  A Calvary Adventure of the Civil War.  Urbana:  University of Illinois Press, 1962.  Mississippi.  Call Number:  E475.23 B7 1962.

Maude Morrow Brown.  Lafayette County, 1860-1865, a Narrative by Mrs. Calvin Brown Chapter Historian of Albert Sidney Johnson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Based on Material Collected by Chapter Members.  1935.  Typescript.  Call Number:  F347 L2 B7.

Maude Morrow Brown.  The University Greys:  Company 1, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865.  Richmond, VA:  Garrett and Massie, [1940].  Call Number:  E568.5 11th B7.

Thomas Philemon Buford.  Lamar Rifles:  A History of Company G, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.:  With the Official Role, Giving Each Man's Record from Time of Enlistment to Twenty-Ninth of March, Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Five:  Individual and Company Sketches...May 1861, to April, 1865.  [Roanoke, VA:  Stone Printing Co., 1902].  Call Number:  E568.5 11th.

Zed H. Burns.  Ship Island and the Confederacy.  Hattiesburg:  University and College Press of Mississippi, 1971.  Call Number:  E470.7 B8.

Victoria E. Bynum.  The Free State of Jones:  Mississippi's Longest Civil War.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 2001.  Call Number:  F347 J6 B95 2001.

Cass Canfield.  The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis.  New York:  Harcourt Brace Jovanovish, 1978.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 C3.

Joseph E. Chance.  The Second Texas Infantry:  From Shiloh to Vicksburg.  Austin, TX:  Eakin Press, 1984.  Call Number:  E580.5 2d C47 1984.

Arthur Ben Chitty.  Jacob Thompson:  He Fought One Union But Built Another at Sewanee.  1956.  Mississippi Confederate leader.  Call Number:  E664 T3 C3.

The Civil War and the Battles of Corinth and Shiloh.  [Corinth, MS:  Daily Corinthian, 1961].  Call Number:  E473.56 D35 OVRS.

William Leon Coker.  "Cotton and Faith:  A Social and Political View of Mississippi Wartime Finance, 1861-1865."  Ph.D. dissertation; University of Oklahoma; 1973.  Call Number:  F341 C64.

Luke Ward Connerly.  Pike County, Mississippi, 1789-1876:  Pioneer Families and Confederate Soldiers, Reconstruction and Redemption.  Nashville, TN:  Brandon Printing, 1909.  Call Number:  F347 P6 C7 1909.

Norman Cooper.  A Confederate Soldier and His Descendants.  Bowie, MD:  N. Cooper Associates, 1982.  Sylvester Cooper of Chickasaw County, Mississippi who served in Company, Buena Vista Rifles, 17th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers.  Call Number:  CS71 C777 1982.

William J. Cooper Jr.  Jefferson Davis, American.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 2000.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 C66 2000.

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, London.  Historical Survey of the Debts of the State of Mississippi Repudiated before the Civil War; Extracted from the 54th Annual Report of the Council of Foreign Bondholders.  London:  Council House, 1929.  Call Number:  HJ8372 C6 M7 1929.

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, London.  The Federal Aspects of the Debts of the State of Mississippi Repudiated before the Civil War; Extracted from the 56th Annual Report of the Council of Foreign Bondholders.  London:  Council House, 1930.  Call Number:  HJ8372 C6 M7 1930.

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, London.  The International Aspects of the Debts of the State of Mississippi Repudiated before the Civil War; Extracted from the 57th Annual Report of the Council of Foreign Bondholders.  London:  Council House, 1931.  Call Number:  HJ8372 C6 M7 1931.

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, London.  The National Aspects of the Debts of the State of Mississippi Repudiated before the Civil War; Extracted from the 58th Annual Report of the Council of Foreign Bondholders.  London:  Council House, 1932.  Call Number:  HJ8372 C6 M7 1932.

Gordon A. Cotton.  Jefferson Davis:  Man of the Hour:  A Collection of Stories and Essays about the Confederate President.  Vicksburg, MS:  1998.  Call Number:  E467.a D26 C68 1998.

Gordon A. Cotton.  With Malice Toward Some:  The Military Occupation of Vicksburg, 1864-1865, Including the Names of Civilians, Captured Confederates, and Union Soldiers Who Were Arrested and the Charges Brought Against Them by the Occupation Forces of the United States Government.  Vicksburg, MS:  Vicksburg and Warren County Historical Society, 1991.  Call Number:  F349 V6 C625 1991.

Gordon A. Cotton and Jeff T. Giambrone.  Vicksburg and the War.  Gretna, LA:  Pelican Pub. Co., 2004.  Call Number:  F349 V6 C68 2004.

L.W. Coverly and E. Russ Williams.  Resource Records of Pike/Walthall Counties, Mississippi, 1798-1910.  Easley, SC:  Southern Historical Press, 1978.  Includes Civil War regimental histories.  Call Number:  F347 P6 C7 1978.

Stella S. Cox.  Jeannie...The Civil War Bride.  Jackson, MS:  Purser Brothers, 1961.  Natchez, Mississippi.  Call Number:  F341 C69.

Peter Cozzens.  The Darkest Days of the War:  The Battles of Iuka & Corinth.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 1997.  Call Number:  E474.42 C69 1997.

Harold A. Cross.  They Sleep Beneath the Mockingbird:  Mississippi Burial Sites and Biographies of Confederate Generals.  Murfreesboro, TN:  Southern Heritage Press, 1994.  Call Number:  E605 C88 1994.

Minnie S. Davis.  Confederate Patriots of Jones County.  [Ellisville, MS:  Progress-Item, 1977].  Call Number:  F347 J6 D38 1977.

William C. Davis.  Jefferson Davis:  The Man and His Hour.  New York:  HarperCollins, 1991.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 D32 1991.

J.G. Deupree.  The Noxubee Squadron of the First Mississippi Cavalry, C.S.A., 1.  Reprint from the Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society Vol. 22 (1918).  Call Number:  E568 D4.

Julian G. Dickinson.  The Capture of Jeff Davis.  Detroit, MI:  Ostler Print. Co., 1888.  Call Number:  E462.2 M38.

E. Grey Dimond and Herman Hattaway, eds.  Letters from Forest Place:  A Plantation Family's Correspondence, 1846-1881.  Carroll County, Mississippi.  Call Number:  F347 C3 L48 1993.

Steven Nathaniel Dossman.  Campaign for Corinth:  Blood in Mississippi.  Abilene, TX:  McWhiney Foundation Press, 2006.  Call Number:  E474.44 D67 2006.

Rebecca Blackwell Drake.  The Battle of Raymond and Other Collected Stories.  Raymond, MS:  Friends of Raymond, 2000.  Call Number:  E475.25 D724 2000.

Rebecca Blackwell Drake.  Lone Star General:  Hiram Bronson Granbury.  [Granbury, TX]:  2004.  Battle of Raymond.  Call Number:  E467.1 G73 D73 2004.

Kevin Duke.  Why Brice's Crossroads:  A Study of Tactical Victory and Strategic Defeat.  Memphis, TN:  WordMagic, 1984.  Call Number:  E475.2 D8.

William S. Dunlop.  Lee's Sharpshooters, or, The Forefront of Battle:  A Story of the Southern Valor that Never Has Been Told.  Dayton, OH:  Morningside, 1988.  Originally published in 1899. 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment.  Call Number:  E605 D92 1988.

Clement Eaton.  Jefferson Davis.  New York:  Free Press, 1977.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 E24.

H.J. Eckenrode.  Jefferson Davis, President of the South.  New York:  Macmillan Company, 1923.  Call Number:  E487 E2.

Fred W. Edmiston.  Lauderdale, Mississippi's Empire County.  Volume 1.  The Early Years, 1830-1865.  Meridian, MS:  Lauderdale Co. Dept. of Archives and History, 2005.  Call Number:  F347 L3 E36 2005.

Billy Ellis.  Tithes of Blood:  A Confederate Soldier's Story.  Murfreesboro, TN:  Southern Heritage Press, 1997.  11th Mississippi Regiment.  Call Number:  E487 J77 1997 v.18.

Stephen Enzweler.  Oxford in the Civil War:  Battle for a Vanquished Land.  Charleston, SC:  History Press, 2010.  Oxford, Mississippi.  Call Number:  F349 O94 E69 2010.

Paul D. Escott.  "Jefferson Davis and the Failure of Confederate Nationalism."  Ph.D. dissertation; Duke University; 1974.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 E8.

Clement A. Evans.  Confederate Military History: A Library of Confederate States History.  Atlanta:  Confederate Pub. Co., 1899.  Volume 7 contains C.E. Hooker's history of Mississippi.  Call Number:  E484 E9

C.C.S. Farrar.  The War, Its Causes and Consequences.  Cairo, IL:  Blelock & Co., 1864.  Bolivar County, Mississippi author.  Call Number:  E458.4 F24.

Lamar Fontaine.  A Short Discourse on the Causes of the Lincoln Invasion and Bloody Conquest of the South.  Lyon, MS:  1909.  Call Number:  E459 F69.

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Noralee Frankel.  Freedom's Women:  Black Women and Families in Civil War Era Mississippi.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 1999.  Call Number:  E185.93 M6 F73 1999.

James Wilford Garner.  The First Struggle over Secession in Mississippi.  Reprint from Publications of Mississippi Historical Society Vol. 4.  Call Number:  F341 G22.

Claude Gentry.  The Battle of Brice's Crossroads.  Baldwyn, MS:  Magnolia Publishers, [1963].  Call Number:  E476.83 G4.

Claude Gentry.  The Capture of Holly Springs.  Baldwyn, MS:  Magnolia Publishers, 1971.  Mississippi Civil War battle.  Call Number:  E474.45 G4.

Jeff T. Giambrone.  Beneath Torn and Tattered Flags:  A History of the 38th Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A.  [Bolton, MS]:  Smokey Row Press, 1998.  Call Number:  E568.5 38th G53 1998.

Ronald Gibson, ed.  Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy and Treaties Concluded by the Confederate States of America with Indian Tribes.  Dobbs Ferry, NY:  Oceana Publications, 1977.  Call Number:  KFZ9105 J44.

Charles E. Gilbert.  Two Presidents:  Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis; Origin, Cause, and Conduct of the War Between the States, the Truth of History Belongs to Posterity.  [Houston, TX]:  1927.  Call Number:  E458 G46.

Micah Ginn and Matthew Nothelfer.  The University Greys:  From Students to Soldiers.  Oxford, MS:  Grandaddy's Farm Productions, 2003.  VHS tape.  Mississippi Infantry Regiment 11th, Company A.  Call Number:  E568.5 11th U558 2003b.

Herschel Gower.  Charles Dahlgren of Natchez:  The Civil War and Dynastic Decline.  Washington, DC:  Brassey's 2002.  Natchez, Mississippi plantation owner.  Call Number:  F349 N2 G68 2002.

Warren Grabau.  Confusion Compounded:  The Pivotal Battle of Raymond, 12 May 1863:  A Scholarly Monograph.  Saline, MI:  McNaughton and Gunn for the Blue and Gray Education Society, 2001.  Call Number:  E475.2 G73 2001.

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W.F. Hamilton.  Military Annals of Carroll County.  Sketches of the Companies that Were Organized in Carroll County for Service in the Confederate Armies from 1861 to 1865.  Carrollton, MS:  Conservative Print, [1906].  Call Number:  UA580 H3.

Robert George Hartje.  Van Dorn, the Life and Times of a Confederate General.  Vanderbilt University Press, 1967.  Earl Van Dorn of Mississippi.  Call Number:  E467.1 V2 H3.

Larry Hawkins.  Flags Used by Mississippi during the War Between the States.  Memphis, TN:  J Chalmers Publishing, 2008.  Call Number:  CR114 M55 H3 2008.

T.A. Heathcote.  Vicksburg.  London:  Brassey's, 2003.  Siege of Vicksburg.  Call Number:  E475.27 H43 2003.

Burton J. Hendrick.  Statesmen of the Lost Cause:  Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet.  Boston:  Little, Brown and Company, 1939.  Call Number:  E487 H47.

History of the Siege of Vicksburg and Maps of the Vicksburg National Military Park Showing Confederate and Union Lines, Avenues and Locations of All Memorials, Headquarters and Camps.  Description of the National Cemetery and City of Vicksburg.  Vicksburg, MS:  Z.M. Davis, [1930].  Call Number:  E475.27 H5.

History of the Water Valley Rifles, Company F, 15th Miss. Regt.:  Its Organization and Battles in the Great Civil War.  1937.  Call Number:  E568.5 15th OVRS.

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Jack Hurst.  Nathan Bedford Forrest:  A Biography.  New York:  A.A. Knopf, 1993.  Call Number:  E467.1 F72 H87 1993.

Secondary Source Publications Related to Mississippi I-Z

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Jefferson Davis:  An American President.  [Woodville, MS]:  Rosemont Pictures, 2008.  DVD recording featuring tours of Rosemont Plantation and Beauvoir.  Call Number:  E467.1 D26 J444 2008.

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