Fair Use/Classroom Use

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TEACH Act: Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (2001)
The TEACH Act is a copyright exemption that covers teaching conducted through digital transmission; it addresses performance and display of copyrighted materials used in teaching.

    To Request Media Equipment (Faculty)

    UM Libraries is not able to lend equipment to patrons. But faculty may request certain items from IT Media, using their MyOleMiss accounts.

    1. Login to MyOleMiss.
    2. Employee > Tools and Resources > IT Media
    3. "Request Items for a class or event"
    4. "Is this request for a course you are teaching?" (Y/N)
    5. Request up to 6 items

    Items available to reserve include:

    • DVD player
    • LCD projector
    • Overhead projector
    • Screen
    • VCR/DVD player