Understanding Call Numbers: Film/Cinema

Cinema Studies/Film Criticism: PN1993-PN1999

  • PN1993.5 Film History
  • PN1995.75 Silent Films
  • PN1995.9.A-Z Special Topics--ex. PN1995.9.D6 Documentary
  • PN1997 Individual Motion Pictures (Films)--ex. books ABOUT Casablanca
  • PN1998 Biography
  • PN1999 Special Corporations (i.e. Studios)

Film Production: TR845-TR899

  • TR847 Dictionaries/Encyclopedias
  • TR848 History
  • TR849 Biography
  • TR853-TR859 Color, 3D, Wide Screen, Time-lapse, Trick
  • TR860-TR862 Digital cinematography and HD
  • TR878-TR883 Motion Picture Machines (cameras)
  • TR883.A-Z Special Cameras by brand--ex. Red One (TR883.R43)
  • TR886-TR889 Motion Picture Film (stock)
  • TR890 Projection
  • TR891 Lighting
  • TR832-TR896.8 Applied cinematography (scientific, industrial, commercial)
  • TR897 Sound
  • TR897.5 Animation
  • TR899 Editing

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