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For purposes of this subject guide, the antebellum period is defined from the 1817 establishment of the state of Mississippi to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.  For holdings on an earlier period see the Mississippi as Province & Territory Subject Guide.

Manuscript Collections lists collections with content on the antebellum period.

Primary Source Publications Related to Mississippi contains citations for holdings of publications dating from the antebellum period; indexes to primary source collections; compilations of antebellum records; and published memoirs, letters, and diaries.  The archives also possesses issues from several antebellum newspapers -- check out the Newspaper page on the Journalism and Mass Media Subject Guide.

Secondary Source Publications Related to Mississippi offers a list of histories and biographies that cover the antebellum period in the state.

Primary Sources on the University of Mississippi outlines collections, publications, and serials that date from the founding of the university in 1848 to the Civil War.

Treatises on Slavery & Race includes pre-1861 publications supporting or opposing slavery as well as ethnological examinations of race and memoirs of former slaves.  Publications listed here are not limited to Mississippi in scope.

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