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Photograph Collections (Archives): Modern Political Archive Photographs

Modern Political Archive Photographs

This guide lists the collections in the Modern Political Archives with photographic images.  For preservation purposes, the photographs are removed from the manuscript collections for separate storage in Modern Political Archives Photographs.  When paging images, please provide the appropriate box and folder numbers.

Note:  The following photographs are stored off-site in a Cold Room and require two-days advance notice before use in order to acclimate the images to room temperature and to transfer them to the Archives & Special Collections Reading Room.

A selection of photographs from the Presidential Debate Collection are available for online viewing as a digital collection:  Presidential Debate Collection Photographs.


Box 1
League of Woman Voters Collection  Folders 1-5, 11-14  
William M. Whittington Collection  Folder 6  
John Sharp Williams Collection  Folders 7-8  

J.P. Coleman Collection  Folders 9-10


Ed Perry Collection  Folder 15

Thomas Abernethy Collection Folder 16

Box 2
Pat Harrison Collection  Folders 1-27  
Box 3
Pat Harrison Collection   Folders 1-6  
Felton M. Johnston Collection   Folders 7-9  
Presidential Debate Collection   Folder 10


Claude F. Clayton Collection   Folders 11-16
Mississippi Politics Collection   Folders 17-18
Box 4
Felton M. Johnston Collection   Folders 1-4  
Armis Hawkins  Collection   Folder 5  
Box 5
Carroll Gartin Collection  Folders 1-24  
Box 6
Felton M. Johnston Collection  Folders 1-23  
Box 7
Armis Hawkins Collection   Folders 1-21