MKTG 465: Advanced Campaign Planning

Sample Search: Energy Drinks by Age

We want to know which brands of energy drinks U.S. adults drink by the following age groups: 18-24 years, 25-34 years, 35-49 years, and ages 50+.

1. Selecting brands or products

In the Search Box, type in "energy drinks," click the center option Question and Answers, and hit enter. 

Click on BEVERAGES-NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS then on ENERGY DRINKS & SHOTS to see all of the available questions for "energy drinks."

Search box


2. Moving answers to Rows.

Click on the questions you are interested in and the answers will be populated in the Selection box. Click on an answer and drag it into the Rows box. To include the Question and Answer make certain the box beside Use Question Text Along with Answer Text is checked..

Once you drag answers into the Rows box you will see the sample of respondents in the study, and the weighted sample, which is an extrapolated number that represents how many people in the U.S. would have answered like this and that number is given in thousands. 

How to move answers to rows


3. Selecting demographics/psychographic variables and move to Columns.

Click the in the Search box to clear out Energy drinks. In the Question box find and click LIFESTYLE (DEMOGRAPHICS) and DEMOGRAPHICS (PERSONAL INFORMATION), then click age. 

Find 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, and 50+. Click and drag each from the Selection box to the Columns box.

moving answers to columns


4.Getting results by generating the Crosstab.

To run the Crosstab and see your results click the large Crosstab arrow at the top right fo the screen. crosstab button

5. Reading the Crosstab. 


The most significant data in the results is the Index data. This data tells you the product, brand, or media usage compared to the average. The base number for comparison is 100. A number above 100 is greater than average and below 100 is less than average.

  • < 80 less likely
  • > 120 more likely

Looking at the Crosstab, you can see from the Index numbers that adults between the ages of 18-24 are 99% (199) more likely to drink red bull while adults 25-34 are 122% (222) more likely to red bull.

Red bull results of crosstab

A single asterisk * in your Crosstab results means the projections are relatively unstable and should be used with caution.

Two asterisks ** in your Crosstab mean the projections are from thirty or fewer interviews. These results are not sufficiently reliable to be safely used alone.


6. Narrowing down the view

Click on the arrow beside View, click on any category you want to hide in the Crosstab.

View options


7. Exporting your Crosstab.

Click on the arrow beside Export to see the export options.

Export options


8. Save and name your Crosstab.

Click on the arrow beside Save.

Save options

Name your Crosstab.

name crosstab box


9. To create a new Crosstab click on Dictionary Search.

Dictionary Search button


10. Logout

When you are finished in Simmons Insights, please LOGOUT. Hover over  Logout in the top right corner and and the logout option will drop down.