MKTG 465: Advanced Campaign Planning

Combining Variables

1. Combining variables.

If you want to use variables from more than one category in a column or row you can drag them from the Selection box to the Coding Box.

The Coding Box allows you to combine variables to create a more complex search statement. There are 4 operators used in the coding box: AND, OR, XOR, and NOT.

Example Question: What type of computer do you have?

  • AND: PC AND Mac (must have both)
  • OR:   PC OR Mac (must have at least one)
  • XOR: PC XOR Mac (must have one type only)
  • NOT: PC NOT Mac (must have only PC)

For this example, we are combining Female and 18-24 by using an AND between them. If the variables are Green they can be moved to columns or rows. If the variables are red, they have not been combined correctly and you can select the column or row symbol at the bottom right of the box to move the combined variables.

combining variables box


2. The Definitions tab (next to the Dictionary tab) has some demographic variables already combined.