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Library Resources on Corrections

The Corrections page is intended to be used in tandem with Criminal Justice Essentials. Essentials includes the resources most relevant to criminal justice overall. This page links to databases, books, and websites to help you explore the various elements specific to the Corrections Emphasis.

Database links are followed by an "info" icon--hover over the icon to see how the database is relevant to research in corrections.

Image: Mississippi State Penitentiary (Parchman Farm)

Managing Inmates & Correctional Facilities

solitary confinement cell

Image: A mock solitary confinement cell at the Brown University Center For Public Humanities.


Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it in San Quintin.

Corrections Rehabilitation / Counseling

Image: inmate trainer in a therapy dog training program.

Looking for Topics?

Specific Inmate Populations

Image: from A History of Women's Prisons featured in JSTOR Daily. 

Working with Inmates