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The Libraries' homepage provides access to resources available online 24/7 including databases, journal articles, eBooks, videos, digital collections, and more. We have discontinued purchasing print materials for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Find free intellectual output from researchers at the University of Mississippi through eGrove. 

JOURNALS You can search by keyword or title to find our academic journals. You can also search by DOI, PMID, or browse our journals by subject.  If you have a citation and need to find the article, then please use our citation linker

VIDEOS - Use this link to find videos, online and in the J.D. Williams Library, in a variety of collections that cover a wide-range of subjects. 

CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH GUIDE - Use this guide for credible research links on COVID-19. 

OPEN ACCESS - Use this link to see our recommended open access journals and information about predatory publishing. 


Full-Text Articles Tutorial

Let's say you need to find a&nbsp;<b>full-text</b>&nbsp; article for one of your classes on emotion regulation in children.&nbsp;<br><br>Begin at the UM Libraries' home page: <a href="" title="Link:"></a><br><br>

You can search for scholarly articles in One Search or in a subject database. <br><br>We're going to search a subject psychology database called PsycINFO. Click <b>"P"</b>.&nbsp;<br>

Click <span class="component"><i><b>PsycINFO </b></i></span>

To access UM library databases you need to login with your UM id and password.&nbsp;

Type&nbsp;<b>emotion regulation and child*</b> in the search box

You might want to use the second article in the list, but where is the&nbsp;<b>full text</b>&nbsp;<b>(entire)</b> article?<br><br>Click on the title of the article.&nbsp;

This page gives you more information, but still not the&nbsp;<b>full-text &nbsp;article.&nbsp;<br><br></b>To find out if the UM Libraries has the&nbsp;<b>full-text article</b>, you need to click on the <b>red</b>&nbsp;"<b>Find It!"</b> button.&nbsp;<b><br></b>

This screen will look different depending on if the library has the article, and how the article is being retrieved.&nbsp;<br><br>Often, you simply follow the prompt.&nbsp;<br>

A new tab opens to provide the&nbsp;<b>full-text article</b>, including a downloadable pdf version.&nbsp;<br><br>Click to download. That's it! You're done.&nbsp;<br><br>