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Protest Movements in the U.S.: Article & Statistics Databases

This guide is to assist students with academic papers on protest and to help student to find their passion.

Economic Injustice

Sample Issues: Fair housing; Living wage project; Unions; Working poor; Occupy Wall Street; Food deserts; Net neutrality; Sweatshops.

Crime & Punishment

Sample Issues: Gun rights; Prison industrial complex; Penal reform; Police brutality; #BlackLivesMatter; Bail system; Probation and parole; Death penalty.

All Protest Topics

Search for polls, newspaper, magazine and academic articles. Click on the for more information about each source.

Marketing & Outreach

Gender & Sexuality

Sample Issues: LGBT rights; Rape culture; Wage equity; the Women's March; Pride parades.

Race & Ethnicity

Sample Issues: #BlackLivesMatter; Black radicalism; Native American civil rights, Asian American Activism and LatinX; Black Power; Immigration.