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Topics in Criminal Justice: Sentencing Disparity Primary Sources

These pages are intended to inspire student research by presenting selected academic resources on topics in Criminal Justice.

Crack and Power Cocaine Sentencing Disparities

Scope: this guide is limited to government resources related to disparity of sentencing 
laws for crack and powder cocaine, a Schedule II drug. This guide highlights the incredible
breadth, depth and reliability of government information on this topic. For academic and
legal articles available from UM Libraries, see the CJ Subject Guide.

Image: Crack bust: DEA made big crack bust in Washington Heights; Getty Image (New York Post archives). 


Substance Abuse

Department of Justice & Sentencing Commission

Further Research

Research on Related Issues

Prison or Treatment? Impact on Recidivism

Mandated Treatment

Drug Court

Laws, Statutes & Regulations

Legal Research How-To

Mississippi Statutes