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Contextualization at University of Mississippi: Memorials

UM Libraries resources on the contextualization of Ole Miss buildings, monuments and other campus locations. This is an opportunity to research and discuss these topics as part of a community of scholars.

Memorials & Contextualization at the University of Mississippi

The Confederate Cemetery on campus originated from burials during the Civil War when the campus served casualties from both sides as a hospital.  Union burials were removed after the conflict to national cemeteries.  Over the years, the cemetery accumulated and lost various markers and memorials.  Dedicated in 1889, the Tiffany window in Ventress Hall commemorates the University Greys, the students who formed Company A of the 11 Mississippi Infantry Regiment in the Confederate Army.  In 1906, a local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected the Confederate statue in the Grove to honor the Confederate soldiers of Lafayette County. 


Stained Glass Memorial in Ventress Hall

Materials in Archives & Special Collections

Confederate Monument

Suggested Titles about Confederate Monuments by the History Department

Materials from Archives & Special Collections about the Confederate monument

Detail from Ventress window

Confederate Cemetery

Materials from Archives & Special Collections about the Confederate Cemetery