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Free textbook alternatives are free-to-student resources that can be used independently, or in conjunction with each other, to replace a traditional textbook. The intent is to reduce costs for students while still using high quality learning materials that do not diminish the student's learning experience.

Please contact Brian Young ( if you would like to discuss the use of free textbook alternatives in your class and/or assistance locating materials.

Open Textbooks

The Open Textbook Library, hosted at the University of Minnesota, is a repository of open textbooks. The library largely depends on reviews from faculty using the textbooks to determine quality (rather than an editor or pre-publication peer-review model).

The textbooks below are a sampling of those available in the Library. 

Publisher Textbooks

University of Mississippi Libraries has a large number of e-books that may be suitable as a textbook for your class. However, licensing may not allow multiple users; please contact Brian Young ( to find out whether an e-book can be upgraded to unlimited users.

In addition, the library can purchase select textbooks from publishers that can be used DRM (digital rights management) free -- allowing all students to use the textbook. The file below are textbooks currently available from Elsevier using this model. Please contact Brian Young if you would like the library to investigate purchasing a textbook for your class that is not listed below. 

Note: Many textbooks are not available using this model. As you select textbooks through traditional routes, please talk with the vendor representative about their willingness to sell their textbook electronically, DRM-free.