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Searching Suggestions

Phrase Searching

If your search includes a series of words, you should include the entire phrase in quotes

Examples:    "Library of Alexandria"
                        "heart attack"
                        "freshman fifteen"

Boolean Searching

Boolean is a fancy term to describe using the words AND, OR, and NOT  to improve your search. You can also use a combination of them to create a more complex (and targeted) search.


Example:    football AND concussions

This search will return resources relating to both football and concussions

Example:   "heart attack" OR "myocardial infarction" 

This search will return resources that include either the popular or the medical term

Example: Consussions NOT football

This search will return resources that include concussions but not mention football

Example:("College Students" AND Concussions) NOT (sports OR football)

In this example, we include college students in quotations to include only articles with this specific term. Then, we use AND to limit articles to only those discussing both college students and concussions. We, then, are only interested in articles that are unrelated to sports concussions. So, we can use the NOT to exclude those. I included football, as well, as some articles may mention a specific sport, and football, recently, is the most discussed sport. The parentheses are useful to ensure OneSearch interprets your query correctly.