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3D Printing: Submitting a 3D Print Job

This guide provides information on using the 3D printer at J.D. Williams Library.

Submitting a 3D Print Job

  1. You will need a copy of your digital object saved with either an STL or OBJ extension. See the Finding and Making Models tab of this guide for more information on websites you can use to download pre-made models and software that can assist you with constructing your own.
  2. Send your file through the online submission form.
  3. We will email you back with:
    • the cost of the 3D-printed object
    • instructions for paying for the print
    • estimated time when your object will be ready
  4. After payment, we will add your object to our printing queue. When the object is ready, you will be contacted and have 30 days to pick up your object.

Notes on 3D Print Jobs

  1. We will do our best to catch obvious design flaws, but you are responsible for the success, and mistakes, of your 3D print job. If you are unsure, please schedule a short consultation via to discuss methods to ensure a successful print job.
  2. The maximum size that you can print is approximately the size of a basketball.
  3. See below for example objects and their costs.

3D-Printed Examples


        Colosseum - $22.65                                Tentacle Tablet Stand - $14.73