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Understanding Call Numbers: Russian

PG1-499 Slavic languages
PG801-1146 Bulgarian
PG1151-1199 Macedonian
PG1201-1749 Serbo-Croatian
PG1801-1962 Slovenian
PG2001-2826 Russian language
PG2830-2847 Belarusian
PG3801-3987 Ukrainian

PG2900-3698 Russian literature

  • PG2900-3190 History and criticism
  • PG3199-3299 Collections
  • PG3300-3308 Early to 1700
  • PG3310-3319 18th century
  • PG3320-3447 1800-1870
  • PG3450-3470 1870-1917
  • PG3475-3476 1917-1960
  • PG3477-3490 1960-2000
  • PG3491.2-3493.96 2001-
  • PG3500-3505 Provincial, local, etc.
  • PG3515-3550 Outside the Russian Federation