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Understanding Call Numbers: German

PD1-7159 Germanic language

  • PD1-780 General
  • PD1001-1350 Old Germanic dialects
  • (PD1101-1211 Gothic)
  • PD1501-7159 North Germanic. Scandinavian

PF1-5999 West Germanic
PF3001-5999 German

  • PF3801-3991 Old High German
  • PF3992-4010 Old Saxon
  • PF4043-4350 Middle High German
  • PF4501-4596 Early Modern German
  • PF5000-5951 Dialects. Provincialisms.
  • PF5791-5999 Slang/Argot

PT1-4897 German Literature

  • PT1-80 Literary history and criticism   
  • PT83-873 History of German literature   
  • PT881-951 Folk literature   
  • PT1021 Children's literature (General)   
  • PT1100-1374 Middle High German literature   
  • PT1501-2728 Individual authors or works   
  • PT3701-3971.2 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.   
  • PT4801-4897 Low German literature



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