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Understanding Call Numbers: French

PC2001-3761 French Language

  • PC2700-3708 Dialects
  • PC2813-2898 Old French
  • PC3201-3366 Provençal
  • PC3371-3420.5 Modern patois
  • PC3420.8-3495 Langue d'oc
  • PC3721-3761 Slang/Argot

PQ1-3999 French Literature

  • PQ1-771 History and General Criticism
  • PQ1300-1595 Old French
  • PQ1600-1709 16th Century
  • PQ1710-1935 17th Century
  • PQ1947-2147 18th Century
  • PQ2149-2551 19th Century
  • PQ2600-2651 1900-1960
  • PQ2660-2686 1961-2000
  • PQ2700-2726 2001-
  • PQ3800-3999 (Former) Colonies

PN1997.F8 French films
PN1997.C2 French-Canadian films
PN1997.S38 Senegalese films

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Selected Titles: Literature

Selected Titles: Culture

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