Browsing Books by Call Number: Literature on Music

ML47-ML54: Librettos

ML100-ML109: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

ML112-ML158: Bibliography

ML169-ML197: History

ML410: Composer biography

ML416-ML422: Performer biography

ML430-455: Composition

ML459-ML1380: Instruments and instrumental music

ML1400-ML3275: Vocal music

ML3800-ML3915: Philosophy, aesthetics of music


Browsing Books by Call Number: Musical Instruction

MT5-MT7: Music Theory

MT40-MT67: Composition

MT70-MT74: Instrumentation, Orchestration

MT90-MT146: Analysis and Appreciation

MT170-810: Instrumental techniques

MT820-MT915: Singing, Vocal technique

MT918-MT948: School music

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