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Reserves Policies and Materials Guide: Faculty- Removing Reserves

Faculty- Removing Reserves


All Reserve Materials, will be removed and returned to the professor via campus mail at the end of each semester, after the last final for the course has been given. Both semesters of summer school will count as one semester for purposes of removing materials from Reserve.

Unless prior arrangements have been made by a professor:

  1. All Reserve Materials belonging to the Library, will be removed from Reserve and returned to the general collection during semester break periods.
  2. All items not belonging to the Library will be returned to the professor; including file folders and personal copies.

To insure prompt removal and return of your Reserve Materials to you or to the Library's main collection, please contact us to make arrangements to have your materials taken off reserve and to arrange for you to pick up your file folders and your personal copies. 

Faculty members who wish to continue reserve materials for future semesters and want them to stay on, should email