Circulation & Access Services


Borrowing Privileges


Access and Borrowing of Library Materials


General Access 
The University of Mississippi Libraries are open to the public. Anyone is welcome to use Library materials in the building. An adult must accompany children under the age of 12.

Borrowing Materials
Members of the University community: students, faculty and staff, as well as alumni and Mississippi residents with a valid driver's license are eligible to borrow materials from the libraries. Circulation privileges for all categories are subject to approval. 

  • Members of the University Community will need their Ole Miss ID card to check out or renew materials.
  • Non-University affiliated residents of Mississippi can get a Community User Card. 
  •  To apply for a Community User Card go to the West Circulation Desk in the J.D. Williams Library. You will need a Mississippi Photo ID. You may fill out a Community Patron Request Form in advance here.
  • Community User Card Application Method during social distancing mandate: Fill out the Community Patron Form online here. You will also need to scan or take a picture of your Mississippi Photo ID and send it to When you request a pick-up of items that you would like to checkout, your Community User Card will be included in your pick-up order.
  • Faculty may fill out a Proxy form which allows people you designate to check out materials on your behalf.
  •  To fill out a proxy form go to the West Circulation Desk in the J.D. Williams Library. You will need your Ole Miss ID.

When you use your card for Library borrowing privileges, you agree:

  • to obey all rules and regulations of the J.D. Williams Library and its branches
  • to be responsible for materials borrowed and for any fines or fees accrued when materials are lost, damaged, or returned late
  • to report immediately to the Library the loss of your Identification Card to avoid improper use

Change of e-mail or address
It is the responsibility of each borrower to inform the library of his/her current address and e-mail address if other than that issued by the University. Any overdue notices or communication from the library is sent via e-mail. To avoid potential fines or delinquencies, a borrower who changes addresses should notify Circulation and Access Services either at Circulation West, or via the contact information provided in the sidebar on this page.




Loans & Limitations


Different types of materials have different loan periods and limitations. 


  • Faculty, staff and students of the University may borrow an unlimited number of long-term loan items, but are limited to a maximum of 10 DVDs.
  • All other borrowers are limited to a total 20 which may include a maximum of 10 DVDs.
  • There may be limits on the number of reserve and short-term loan items that may be checked out at one time.
  • Library materials can only be renewed for up to three times after which you will need to bring the items in and check them in and check them out again to start the renewal period over.
  • Please note: Reference materials do not circulate.


Loan Period Chart


Resource Undergraduate Graduate Faculty/Staff Other
Books 28 days 112 days 1 year 28 days
Periodical (Current) 1 day 1 day 3 days library use only
Periodical (Bound) 1 day 1 day 3 days library use only
Periodical, Science (Current) 1 day 1 day 3 days library use only
Periodical, Science (Bound) 1 day 1 day 3 days library use only
Harrison Room Books (varies) library use only library use only library use only library use only
Maps 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks
Scores 28 days 56 days 1 year 28 days
LPs 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
CDs Music 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
CD-ROM 28 days 56 days 1 year 7 days
DVDs 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
VHS 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
Cassettes 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days





Renewals, Recalls & Holds




Books may be renewed unless recalled by another borrower. At the J.D. Williams Library long-term loan items may be renewed at Circulation West or Circulation East by bringing your books to these locations. Items may also be renewed online through “My Library Account” or by phone. Science Library materials may be renewed at the Science Library service desk or online through “My Library Account” . Renewal of short-term loan items should be done at the original service point.




All library materials may be recalled or have a hold placed on them. A recall is an official request for a book to be returned early. A hold is the reserving of an item, upon return, for the next user. Items placed on hold for another user may not be renewed.

If the item you need is currently checked out, login to your My Library account, click on the recall/request button at the top of the screen, and follow the instructions.

Recalled materials must be returned within 14 days of the recall date to avoid fines.




Holds may be placed at Circulation West in the J.D. Williams Library or the Science Library service desk. You will need your Ole Miss ID. You have the option of canceling your own holds by logging in to your My Library Account




Returning Materials


Borrowers are responsible for returning materials by the date (or date and time) due. Borrowers are encouraged to return items in person; that is, to not give them to another person to return. You are responsible for the safe return of all library materials checked out in your name.

  • Items may be returned to either the West or East Circulation Desks in J.D. Williams Library or the Science Library.
  • Library Book Drop is available near the library. If the Book Drop is full do not place items on the ground where they can be stolen or damaged. 
  • Short-term loan materials, such as items placed on reserve, need to be returned to the service point where the item was checked out. They must be checked in on time, there is no grace period on fines for reserves.



Overdue, Fines & Lost


Stewardship of Library Materials

Patrons who borrow library materials are expected to be good stewards of those materials. This includes returning them when due and reporting lost materials promptly. Failure to return materials or pay fines could result in the blockage of your Library Account.

Grace Period

If a borrower returns or renews an overdue item within 7 days following its due date, the library will not assess overdue fines. After expiration of the 7-day grace period, the fine accrues retroactively from the first day overdue.

There is no grace period for reserve items or for media (sound recordings and videos.) Overdue fines accrue from the first hour or day overdue.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent electronically to the borrowers’ university e-mail account unless the borrower specifies another address. Borrowers who have no e-mail account will receive printed notices via regular mail.

Patrons are responsible for knowing and observing due dates stamped in books and should not be dependent upon Library notices.


Fines apply to all categories of users, including faculty, staff, students and community users.

Fine Schedule

Books $0.25/day, per book $35.00 maximum, per book
Video Materials $0.25 per day, per video $35.00 maximum, per video
Hourly Reserve Materials $1.00 per hour
Daily Reserve Materials $1.00 per day
Recalled Materials 1.00 per day  

Paying Your Fines

Fine payments may be made anytime online by clicking here.

During regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, fine payments are processed as they are received. Payments received after hours may take up to 24 hours to process.

Lost Materials

Patrons are charged for the replacement of a lost item plus a service fee to cover processing costs.

For questions about library fines and fees contact us at