Improve your Keyword Searching

Narrow or broaden your terms:

Narrow: Instead of eating disorders, use anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

Broaden: instead of rats use rodents.

Use Boolean Operators:

· AND  (memory AND cognition: only articles with both words)

· OR  (memory OR cognition: all articles with either word)

· NOT (memory NOT cognition: articles on memory, excluding articles with the term cognition)

Descriptors:  Find alternate keywords in the list of “tags” or descriptors below the citation information for any article that is close to what you are looking for.

Thesaurus: Click on “thesaurus” in the  upper left corner. Use the thesaurus search box to find alternate and additional terminology.

Phrases: Use quotation marks around phrases (“body image”).

Truncation:  Use an asterisk (*) to find all the forms of a word. For example, type child* to search child or children. 

Wild Cards: Use ? in the middle of a word . The computer will search for all possible replacement letters. For example, wom?n will search woman and women.

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